Hydrating Melon Mint Smoothie

Hydrating Melon Mint SmoothieSt. Patrick’s day is March’s big holiday, and for one day we all become a bit Irish, all dressed in green and a cold beer in hand. I usually head to a local Irish pub with some friends where we celebrate a heritage that isn’t our own, mostly because it’s become, well a drinking holiday. I do tend to enjoy drinking an Irish car bomb, which I created into this more drinkable cocktail {rather than one known for…uh well chugging}. But this year, I decided to do a cleanse for the start of Spring, and that means no cocktails and drinks for me this St. Patrick’s day. So this year I’ll be celebrating with this green hydrating melon mint smoothie instead. Hydrating Melon Mint SmoothieI mean it won’t beat a delicious Irish coffee, but at least I’ll still be joining the festivities in my own way. This hydrating smoothie will quench your thirst and supply you with the essential nutrients you’ll need if you’ve got a day of beer or whiskey drinking planned for this St. Patrick’s Day. It will taste even better the morning after! I know you’re thinking a melon smoothie doesn’t scream St. Patrick’s day, but when it’s the iconic Irish green and paired with an orange straw, why not, us non-drinkers need a delicious drink too. Hydrating Melon Mint SmoothieYou’ll definitely want to save this recipe for when the weather becomes much warmer, it’s a refreshing start to your day, or a great afternoon cool down. With spring ahead {I’m hoping really soon}, this is a perfect smoothie to get over a beer hangover, or simply quench your thirst. Hydrating Melon Mint SmoothieSo this is my nod to St. Patrick’s day, regardless if you’re celebrating as the Irish or just trying to think Spring thoughts through these cold snowy days that never seem to end, I suggest you make this minty melon treat. Hydrating Melon Mint Smoothie Hydrating Melon Mint Smoothie Hydrating Melon Mint Smoothie Hydrating Melon Mint Smoothie Hydrating Melon Mint Smoothie

Melon Mint Smoothie

Ingredients {Serves 1}

2 cups – Honeydew Melon {chopped}

1 cup – Cucumber {peeled and chopped}

1/4 cup – Coconut Water

Handful fresh mint leaves

1 teaspoon – Pure Organic Honey {preferably local}

Fresh Ginger {about an inch}

Recipe {Adapted from Martha Stewart}

Combine all the ingredients into a blend, and blend until smooth. Add more liquid if you desire a more juice-like consistency. Top with a few fresh mint sprigs.

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