Quick + Fun Easter Baskets

Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Easter was, and is, more of a religious holiday in my family. Our Portuguese tradition is to attend Easter Mass in the morning, and godchildren then visit their godparents, in hopes of receiving a Folar {in the old days, this Folar sweet bread would be given}. These days money, gifts and of course a chocolate egg is given. So growing up we never had egg hunts, my first was actually in college, or elaborate Easter baskets overflowing with goodies, but this year, although I’ve been beyond busy, I decided I wanted to create small baskets for the kiddies and other loved ones, that were simple, and of course quick to put together.

Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Almost any store you walk into, you’ll find Easter decor, candies, and trinkets. But if you’re looking for one-stop Easter basket shopping, I suggest heading to your local Dollar Store, from candy to plastic eggs to fill with secret surprises and plenty of containers/baskets to choose from it’s a great place to get it all. Michael’s Craft stores and Target are your next stop. I picked up a basket from Target with a detachable petal tutu, I mean seriously too cute, and then tin buckets that were $1 each from Michael’s. Try to personalize baskets according to your loved ones’ taste in candy, age, and interests. So if you’re as busy with work and managing your daily life, these are easy enough for you too. Stock up on a few things after work, and assemble the baskets in 15 minutes flat, just don’t eat all the candy before you’re done.

Quick + Fun Easter Baskets

You’ll Need

  • Basket or Box Containers {or fun drinking glasses}
  • Assorted Candies
  • Activities, Toys, Cute Knick-Knacks, etc.
  • Green Grass filler {or run green tissue paper through shredder}

Quick + Fun Easter Baskets I chose to color code my candy according the each basket, and filled individual baggies accordingly. There were peanut M&Ms, jelly beans, Rock Candy lollipops, Peeps, and Reese’s candy pieces shaped in carrot bags.

Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Quick + Fun Easter Baskets PicMonkey CollageQuick + Fun Easter Baskets Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Almost everyone I was giving baskets to like sports, so I included some sports’ ball eggs along with some glittered ones that were filled with candy surprises. You could also fill the eggs with money, tiny notes, or other personal trinkets.

Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Easter isn’t only for small children, I filled one with cute office supplies, just candy for a big sweet tooth, and for J, a desk toy he thought was funny and mini whiskey bottle {not shown}.

Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Quick + Fun Easter Baskets Aren’t these adorable? I mean I would love one of these myself…what about you, do you have any Easter traditions?  


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