Traveling to Providence

Traveling to ProvidenceLast weekend I headed up to my old college town, Providence, Rhode Island – the place that became my home for four years, gave me the best of friends, and memories and experiences that are still some of the best I’ve had. My alma mater’s alumni weekend brought together fellow greeks, and it was great to see friends who became more like family in just the first days of living together in the dorms, laughing and smiling back at those years. I still can’t believe that I graduated four years ago, or that it was eight years ago that I was just a young teen venturing out into the world on her own, and exploring this city for the first time. Traveling to ProvidenceProvidence has a character all it’s own. I love the city itself, it’s a manageable size, not overwhelmingly large like NYC, but spread throughout different neighborhoods. You’ve got Federal Hill, a street long and home to amazing restaurants and eateries. I mean with one of the best culinary schools in the country, it’s no surprise this city has some of the best eats in New England, and the food scene has gotten even better since I’ve left. I seriously wish I was living here now.

Traveling to ProvidenceOur view of downtown and the Harbor from the Biltmore. The Johnson & Wales Culinary campus is actually alongside the harbor, and you get some great views from the culinary labs. Not bad when you’re stuck in a kitchen classroom for 6, fun and fast, hours. 
Traveling to ProvidenceSeriously nothing like a bagel from Bagel Gourmet Cafe to make this girl happy, and bring back plenty of memories. Just the drive to Thayer St. and the Brown University and RISD Area was worth it. It was always my favorite. Great parks, small eateries that are all amazing, and great unique shops with something for everyone. Historic brownstone and colonial houses line the streets, making you wish you lived in one. Traveling to Providence Traveling to ProvidenceOne of Providence’s biggest attraction when warmer days come around is WaterFire, when pits of fire light up the river during weekend nights. Plenty of outdoor eating, activities and live music to go with it!Traveling to Providence Traveling to Providence Traveling to ProvidenceI would drive by the State Capitol building every single day, multiple times even, but only now, four years after graduating, do I appreciate this city’s beauty and history even more. Traveling to Providence Traveling to ProvidenceI really love cherry blossoms, really though I just love flowers and everything in nature. Traveling to ProvidenceWhile the boys played their alumni football and softball games, I did some shopping at Providence Place and walked around the heart of downtown. It really was the perfect way to start my Saturday, an amazingly beautiful morning on my own seeing some favorite places, and reminiscing over many wonderful memories. Nights out, delicious lunches, sorority fundraisers and volunteer work done at almost every corner I turned.  
Traveling to Providence Traveling to Providence Traveling to Providence Traveling to Providence Traveling to Providence Traveling to ProvidenceI forgot how much I loved living up here and being surrounded by water, and all things nautical. 
Traveling to Providence Traveling to ProvidenceNot only did I stop to smell the flowers, but to look at all the little details hidden within the city too. Traveling to ProvidenceYou see that building on the left? Have you watched Ghostbusters, I hope so, because the scene where the giant Marshmallow Man is on the top, it’s that one! And talk about ironic, because the movie was playing that afternoon while we were relaxing in the room before dinner. Traveling to ProvidenceAll mailboxes should be gold and antique like this one. Traveling to ProvidenceA trip to Providence could not be complete with a meal at one our favorite breakfast spots, OV’s. I mean my dad even loves this place, and chooses it over any restaurant on Federal Hill. I’ve been craving Huevos Rancheros and left our weekend getaway content with my walk-down-memory lane meal.

I’m planning another trip up again soon, I just didn’t see enough of this city I hold dear to my heart. If you every head up to New England, stop by Providence it’s worth a visit.

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