Mercury Glass Vase How To

Mercury Glass Vase How ToI love Mercury glass, and it seems that now more than ever it’s becoming a top choice for event and wedding decor. From flower vases to votive holders, mercury glass is loved by so many because it can work beautifully in a rustic, traditional, or whimsical party. But mercury glass pieces can be quite expensive, especially for a vase that is only used occasionally, and can become difficult finding multiples of the same style. Some wholesalers only sell a certain amount, and who really has the time to scope out every store to score the vases we have envisioned for a wedding or party? 

I knew I could easily recreate this lovely looking affect, on my own, having seen many different techniques shared on Pinterest. All you need are glass vases, spray paint and some patience. Mercury Glass Vase How ToI tried a few different techniques, but found this one to be the simplest. Looking glass spray paint comes in silver, but since I wanted more of a vintage gold look for the party I was doing them for, I aimed to achieve the same look by using regular gold spray paint. Feel free to experiment with different shades of metallics too, and if you’re missing that shininess from mercury glass, spray the inside of your container with 1 to 2 coats of Krylon looking-glass, but remember you won’t be able to fill the vase with water or a lit flame {you’ll need to place another vase inside for the flowers or candle}. If you do want the traditional effect of mercury glass, then follow these same steps using Krylon looking glass spray paint instead. {Note: the packaging may say to spray the inside of your container, but you only want to spray the outside, especially if you’re using the containers flowers or candles}. Here’s how these lovely faux mercury glass vases are done…

Mercury Glass Vase How To

You’ll Need

Mercury Glass Vase How ToClean your vases well, removing any stickers and dry completely.

Setup your area where will you be spray painting, preferably in a well ventilated area or outside. Remember to cover the ground well, especially if working on cement, paint does not come off cement. I chose to open up the side of a box to create walls, so that the spray paint would not get onto the grass, and it worked very well. Mercury Glass Vase How ToWith your vase upside down on the top of your protected area, lightly spray water on all sides, and let sit for a few seconds so beads of water appear. You don’t want streams of water running down the vase.

Mercury Glass Vase How ToThen lightly spray paint all around vase, allowing to dry for just a few seconds {about 20 seconds}, then blot the sides slightly with your paper towel, popping the bubbles of paint. Repeat this step with all your vases.Mercury Glass Vase How ToLet vases dry a few minutes {about 2 to 3 minutes}, then repeat the process of misting with water, allowing it to bead up, then lightly spraying with paint before blotting with a paper towel once more. Allow to dry a few minutes.

Mercury Glass Vase How ToThe photo on the left has one coat of paint, the right photo has two coats.

Mercury Glass Vase How ToIn circular motions roughen up and smooth the sides of the vases using a dry paper towel. This removes some of the paint, giving a more antique look. Do this until you achieve the look you desire. For an even rougher look, use the scrubber side of a sponge. Mercury Glass Vase How ToI wanted a lighter look to the vases, so I choose to just do two coats of paint, but feel free to continue these steps until the color and look you desire for your vases is achieved. Allow vases to completely dry at least 4 hours or overnight, before decoupaging.

Mercury Glass Vase How ToLightly brush the sides and bottom of the vase with the decoupage finish. Allow to dry an hour before applying another light coat. Allow to cure at least a week before using. {I know it says 28 days on the packaging but it’s not necessary for this use}

Mercury Glass Vase How To Mercury Glass Vase How To Mercury Glass Vase How ToYou don’t have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful expensive looking mercury glass vases at your wedding or party, there’s always a way of making something yourself that’s just, if not even more beautiful and unique, than something that costs more, like the simplest of things, like your centerpiece vases.

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