An Organized Handbag

An Organized HandbagSchool is back in session and full-time schedules bring workers back to the fast pace lifestyle that comes with fall and winter. As kids, we become excited about shopping for clothes and new school supplies, starting the year off fresh and organized, but I like to do the same thing. Not just come fall, but every Sunday evening, by cleaning out and organizing my handbag for the upcoming work week.  It’s almost like a calming ritual of mine, knowing that I’ll be starting a week of work on a clean note.

In high school and college I was known for sporting a new handbag each week, so it easily got me into the routine of clearing out the clutter I carry around with me each day. I mean there’s nothing like becoming frustrated with groceries in hand trying to find your house keys underneath receipts and yesterday’s dirty napkin or trying to use a coupon on a pretty new pair of shoes, only to find out it expired 6 months ago or having a throbbing headache en route to work and no pain reliever at hand. An organized handbag is essential to our busy everyday lives.

Here are a few tips on how I keep my handbag organized…An Organized HandbagThe first important thing is to pick a purse that naturally has a large opening and sections, since it provides instant separators for all your items. The big thing when cleaning out your handbag each week, whichever day you choose, put the same items, back in the same place every time, that way you automatically remember where things are, and aren’t rummaging through your organized handbag to find lip balm. I love my Michael Kors Sutton Saffiano large satchel, it’s the perfect size and has the best amount of sections for all my things. An Organized HandbagAlong with being organized, I’ve also been known for being the mom in my circle of friends, as in no matter where I was during my college years or now, I’ll have something in my handbag that is needed by someone – a mint, snacks, nail file, band aids, even safety pins for unexpected wardrobe mishaps. I like knowing I’ve got a basic emergency kit in my handbag. This also doesn’t mean you need to be carrying around a 20-pound handbag, because that doesn’t do you any good either. If you’re constantly using certain products, then those are keepers, others that you never even give a second thought to, remove and you’ve instantly paired down your handbag to just essentials. An Organized HandbagUse small travel pouches. I like to organize everything in my handbag into a smaller bag. I’ve had this perfect Coach one for years now, and it has plenty of compartments, making it easy for me to separate make-up from first aid items. It’s rare to find travel pouches with this many pockets, so find one that works well for your needs, but make sure they’re slender so that it can fit in all your handbags. Etsy has a great selection, including this pretty mint green one.
Beauty Products 

  • Waterproof mascara
  • Roll-on Perfume
  • Face Oil Blotting Papers
  • Hair ties + Pins
  • Chapstick
  • Concealer Stick
  • Lotion with minimal scent
  • Lipstick
  • Lipgloss
  • Nail file

First Aid Supplies

  • Contact + Dry Eye Rewetting Drops {I wear contacts, and my eyes often become very dry throughout the day. I always carry around my reading glasses with me as well}
  • Band-aids
  • Tampons
  • Pain relieving medicine
  • Safety pins
  • Wet cleaning wipes {not pictured}

An Organized HandbagThings I’m always reaching for, like my favorite Sephora lipstickMAC lipgloss and a pen, I keep in the zipper compartment on the inside of the handbag. Business cards go in one slot, gum in another and phone in another. In the large opening goes my wallet, keys, cosmetic pouch, and sunglasses. Days I know I’ll be on the go for hours, I’ll have snacks in there too; a bag of nuts, dried fruit, an apple, fresh carrots and a bottle of water. If my hand bag permits, I’ll often put any food items in a separate compartment on the side. An Organized HandbagOn thing I’m quite particular with is my wallet. I am that person that clips coupons, saves store rewards cards, gift certificates, and yes, even my check book, so I need a wallet that has adequate card slots as well as separators for all the things I carry around and end up stuffing in their, like receipts. Of course when I switch to a smaller handbag, I in turn have to pare my wallet essentials to a coin purse, but for every day essentials I rely on a larger one. Choose a style that fits your needs, just keep in mind the material should be resilient, as you handle it a lot. I purchased mine here while in Portugal, but you can find a similar style hereAn Organized Handbag

Everything that Completes My Handbag

  • Gum
  • Business Cards
  • Beauty/Emergency Kit
  • Wallet
  • House + Car Keys
  • Sunglasses + Case
  • Tissues
  • Occasional Items: Snacks, Bottled Water, Daily Planner, Reading glasses

An Organized HandbagEverything in its place, just how I like it!

Hope this inspires you to cultivate a new habit and organizing your handbag! 

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