Last of Summer Loves

Last of Summer LovesYes, I know Fall is coming. I know that summer technically isn’t over until the 23rd, but the mindset and lifestyle you take on during this season, has been put on the back-burner for another year of school and full-time schedules since Labor Day. With trees already turning its beautiful colors of brown and oranges, and Halloween costumes and pumpkins everywhere you go, it’s hard not to accept that summer has definitely slipped away. I, on the other hand, haven’t been able to full embrace it like some other bloggers or event planners creating and sharing everything autumn related, instead I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it as long as I possibly can, and the weather permits me to. I mean seriously, I get that it’s September but let’s slow it down a bit, please! To be honest, I just don’t enjoy Fall but mostly the cold that comes along with it. I embrace it. Yes I like apple picking, winter produce and warm spices but that’s about it. So to say I put up with it, is an under statement.

Now don’t think that I’m totally boycotting this beautiful season, now don’t you worry, plenty of Fall recipes, entertaining inspiration and ideas are coming! Just at a slower pace that’s a bit more realistic to time, and yes I know I probably won’t stay ahead of trends sharing ideas months and months before, but I’m sure others who are feeling rushed by the season will appreciate my pace on the blog as well. Last of Summer LovesI was very fortunate to be healthy again, after a summer bound to sitting and physical therapy after knee surgery. So you can imagine how happy I was to fully dive into gardening, and taking care of the bountiful tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers that I had this year. There were a few afternoons and beautiful evenings spent on Pier 13 in Hoboken, thoroughly enjoying summer along stunning New York City lit up skies. There was of course my wonderful trip to Portugal and spending time with my family, plenty of trips to the beach, and New York City sails with J. There were family and close friend weddings, family members visiting from Portugal, and weeklong adventures acting like a tourist in hometown places and New York City. Yes, like life there were downs, but overall this summer was just wonderful, and one of the best I’ve had in a while!Last of Summer Loves

How was your summer? Hope you plan to fully enjoy these last few days of the season, before being bound indoors. So to keep summer alive just a bit longer on this final weekend of the season, I’m sharing the last snippets of my amazing summer… 
Last of Summer LovesLast of Summer LovesWedding attire for my cousin’s beautiful and fun special day. Last of Summer LovesLast of Summer LovesBeach sunrises, Atlantic City boardwalk strolls, seasonal plum cakes, and simple succulent blooms in the home. Last of Summer LovesThere were plenty of New York City trips and sunsets. Seriously, I took some many beautiful shots of sunsets this summer!Last of Summer LovesLast of Summer LovesJ and I took another Clipper City sail around NYC. This time it was an amazing sunset sail, we savored delicious Luke’s Lobster rolls and a Brewery tasting. It seriously was one of our favorite things we’ve done this summer, and it’s definitely something we can’t wait to do again next year. It was a beautiful night together, which we turned into a stay-cation in Soho. If you’re in NYC before the end of this October or next year, I highly recommend going on one of Clipper City‘s sailing trips. Last of Summer LovesLast of Summer LovesI couldn’t pick just one of these beautiful sunset shots. Doesn’t Lady Liberty look stunning against the breathtaking colors of the sky.Last of Summer LovesLast of Summer LovesI rediscovered my love for New York City architecture. Last of Summer LovesThis stunning sunset perfectly describes just how amazing my summer has been.  Until next year!


Here’s another look at all my favorite posts from this amazing summer…




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