Summer Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflowers This past weekend my parents and I hosted a few of our neighbors for a lovely end of summer dinner. For most of us, it was actually the first time meeting each other. It was a beautiful afternoon and night, couldn’t have asked for better weather. I have plenty of recipes coming up that are perfect for Sunday football game watching, cozy movie nights in on colder days, or savored outside these last few days of warm fall weather.

I walked by the sunflowers in my hallway and wondered, “would Phil like sunflowers.” And then I thought of Phil. He reminded me of a sunflower. Always bright, smiling and making you happy. I still find it hard that a dear friend of mine from college has recently passed away, far too young. If he could be a flower, it would be the sunflower. Because it’s the one flower that is known for making people feel happy, and that’s what Phillip did, he was loved by all, always smiled and made sure you were smiling and laughing along with him. And that is all I have to say about this post. Fall is definitely here, so be sure to come back for more inspiration coming along.
Sunflowers SunflowersSunflowers SunflowersSunflowers SunflowersSunflowers Sunflowers SunflowersSunflowers Sunflowers

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