Slab Apple Pie

Slab Apple Pie Fall has set in here on the east coast. While today is warm, and the weather makes you feel like a changing season is upon us, it is unlike spring, were warm weather is welcomed. There has been this eeriness, that only comes around Fall. It’s no wonder Halloween fall during this season. I don’t know what it is, I’m just not a Fall person, it’s totally not me. Maybe I’m just being moody {hah}, I’ll just stay inside then and bake an apple pie.

But this time around I baked it into a large slab pie, that I served to a large crowd at a recent dinner party I held. Rich blue and golden sunsets begin earlier each day, three minutes earlier each day, to be exact. Yes, autumn is totally here. Slab Apple Pie There are pumpkins in patches, on stoops, and my dining table. I haven’t kicked the oven on for any pumpkin recipes just yet. Instead there are apples, and plenty of them. I’m sure you can understand, it’s apple picking season and there are lots of recipes to be made. Even if it’s a classic apple pie tweaked with a dash or two of ground cloves and a splash whiskey.

This is not a new recipe. In fact I’ve made different versions of it on the blog. Follow this classic recipe of mine, use only one teaspoon of cinnamon, add some dashes of ground nutmeg, ground allspice, ground cloves and two tablespoons of your favorite Whiskey. You’ll definitely have filling over, to place it into a freezer safe Ziploc bag, and freeze. Next time you want to quickly whip up an cinnamon spiced apple desserts, you’ve got the filling already prepped. Slab Apple Pie Because it’s Fall, and you should make classic American apple pie as much as you can. It’s definitely how I will be getting through this season.

Happy Autumn!

Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie Slab Apple Pie

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