Inspiring Words

Inspiring WordsOver the last few weeks, I’ve had some losses in my life. A good friend from college, and a parent of another friend. I guess it’s left me a bit shaken up still. A loss will always do that to you, but it may also be that these days have been quintessential fall. Cloudy and windy, with a eeriness in the air…the kind of days that make me reflect on life, especially considering it’s October already?! Can you believe it. All this has me realizing just how precious life is, but just how delicate, unpredictable and short it can be too. I’ve talked to my grandparents and family living in Portugal who I miss terribly, I’ve been giving Marley more attention by taking him on trips around town like the farmer’s market, and I’ve even been working on these negative feelings I have towards fall and winter, to just accept that they are simply seasons, a part of nature going through its own cycle of life.

Instead of focusing on how much I don’t enjoy it, I’m slowly finding small things I do enjoy. The special and rare bright red, yellow and orange trees nestled between brown ones, or wildly windy nights that are still warm and perfect for evening walks with my dog, and of course all the fun activities you can do this time of year. But it also allows our social schedules to quiet down, allowing for more time to be enjoyed with loved ones. It’s been about letting go of the mundane things that often get us worked up for no real reason, but to appreciate each moment, to make them count, to find the positive, and be grateful for our days. I’ve even printed this and placed it on my bedside, so that I can be reminded of this every morning and evening. Hope these words inspire you to change the way you look at life too!

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