Fall Firsts

Apple PickingSo this was J’s first time, ever, apple and pumpkin picking. I know right? I had no idea when I found out yesterday, but I will say it was cute that he was doing this for the first time with me. But anyway, this day couldn’t have been more perfect. The bright sun warmed our backs as we trekked along the rows of trees finding the right apples, and unsuccessfully leaving with Cortlands. But I did manage to come home with some adorable miniature white pumpkins!Apple PickingThere were families with kids riding horses, climbing the hay stacks, and walking through the corn mazes, while others went picking apples, pumpkins, and vegetables alongside their family. J and I went to Alstede Farms later in the day since he worked the morning, and it was surprisingly still warm and pleasant, the perfect weather to pick some apples.  Apple PickingThe lighting was just perfect for bright photos. Apple PickingApple PickingApple PickingApple PickingApple PickingApple PickingI love the deep colored flesh of Macoun apples. Actually they’re one of my favorite apples. I’d say it is a sweet and crisp apple, with subtle flavors. J thought its flavor was lacking, but I tasted it cooked down into applesauce or slathered with almond butter.Apple PickingLast year I brought my camera with me, and casually walked along the orchards capturing the beautiful early morning fall sunlight. Since, we didn’t have the leisure of time before the sun set, I choose to capture J and I’s afternoon with my iPhone. Once you get used to the tools and tricks on how to shoot pictures with yours, the iPhone camera does manage to capture some amazing photos. Some of my favorite photographs taken, have been on my phone. Apple PickingOn this afternoon picking apples and pumpkins, I captured J during golden hour. He chuckled when I described what it was to him. Apple PickingApple PickingApple PickingApple PickingApple PickingOh, but the mounds of adorable white munchkin pumpkins are my favorite. Oh and those gray ones, oh those gray pumpkins…they are everything aren’t they?! They play off nature’s rustic beauty, while having this elegant feel. It’s definitely the soft coloring. Apple PickingApple PickingApple PickingI ended up coming home with this soft gray cheese pumpkin. Apparently it’s great for pumpkin pies. I just think it’s absolutely lovely! It slightly reminds me of Cinderella’s carriage, no?..
Apple PickingCan I just tell you how great it is that J has a mustang convertible. Because this day was an absolutely perfect day to drive with the top down. Perfect vehicle for photography on the road, no roof to stop me from staring up at the colors in the sky. Apple Picking

How have you been enjoying Fall? Any fun activities, would love to hear any of your fall firsts!

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