Apple Picking Decor Inspiration

Apple Picking Decor InspirationFall is a fun time of year, even if the weather has us wrapped in scarves and boots. It’s packed with traditions, activities and a beautiful change in nature. My favorite are the colorful trees in the most beautiful oranges, reds and yellows! Ever since my first visit to an apple orchard and pumpkin farm, I’ve loved taken part in this quintessential fall tradition.  Hayrides alongside rows of trees filled with bright shiny red apples just begging to be picked, and the most unique pumpkins that make it hard to choose just the right one to bring home. I love the inspiration that comes from this time of year. The colors, the themes, the flavors – it just makes you feel warm and cozy. Apple Picking Decor InspirationAside from picking a decent amount of apples to eat and turn into some delicious recipes, I wanted to use the apples I picked to create a table scape for the dining room. I’ve had the idea of simply displaying apples in woven baskets to play on the tradition of apple picking. Fall flowers aren’t as abundant during warmer months, but there are certain fall florals that dry just as beautiful as when fresh, like antique Hydrangeas, and these flower centerpieces from this end of summer get-together, which are lovely paired alongside the varying apple red shades and light pumpkin colors.Apple Picking Decor InspirationMy favorite table-scapes are ones that are lovely, no matter how you look at it, and this one has pretty pumpkins tucked away that it’s hard not to want to look everywhere.
Apple Picking Decor Inspiration
Apple Picking Decor InspirationApple Picking Decor InspirationApple Picking Decor InspirationI lightened up the table-scape by using white pumpkins, because munchkin pumpkins are the prettiest, I mean how could you pass them up? But my favorite might be the cheese pumpkin, the soft gray coated pumpkin, distinctly ridged, that resembles Cinderella’s carriage? It’s just so beautiful, it was the focal point at one end of the table.Apple Picking Decor InspirationApple Picking Decor InspirationApple Picking Decor InspirationI just loved this charming white setting from last year, so I know as we get closer to Thanksgiving more white pumpkins and decor will be added to the table. That’s what I enjoy about Fall, because it not only marks the beginning of the holiday season, but autumn decor can stay around until the end of November. Then for Halloween and Thanksgiving it’s fun to add a few specific touches of the holiday. For  Thanksgiving, simply set your plates and your holiday has become much easier.Apple Picking Decor InspirationGold calligraphy notes written with each type’s name completed the apple picking inspired centerpiece.Apple Picking Decor InspirationApple Picking Decor InspirationApple Picking Decor Inspiration

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