Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift Box

Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetToday I am excited to bring another handmade holiday gift, but this one is for all you guests this holiday season, a gift box perfect for a housewarming gift, or a “thanks for having us over for dinner”. With Thanksgiving just mere days away, this is a gift you can quickly put together. I love creating gift sets full of goodies. There’s something special about a group of charming gifts rather than just a store-bought item, it shows that you put love and thought into it!

This is a double gift, it works perfectly for a friend who just moved to her new pad, or a host of one of your many holiday parties…I can speak from experience and say that moving to a new place, and the day after hosting a holiday get-together is HARD. A little gift is always a welcome gesture, because it’s a simple act of love and gratitude! 
Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetWhen you’re invited to someone’s home for dinner or a party, especially if it’s a housewarming, it’s always appropriate to bring a gift, the obvious being flowers or wine, but your recipient might not necessarily drink wine or appreciate flowers. When it comes to hosting, I like to think about what the host would really appreciate after the party, and the same goes for a new place, think of items that aren’t redundant like kitchen towels, which are also hard to gift if you don’t know the person’s style. Instead choose items that are style neutral and well, come in handy, a tray, a small houseplant, and yummy homemade treats.

The options are endless for items to include in your gift box, just remember to keep the recipient in mind. Some great items include…

  • Linen Napkins {set of 4 in neutral hue}
  • Greenery or Flowers {this easy succulent pumpkin planter is what I used for mine}
  • Recipe Cards or Pretty List notepad
  • Bottle of Wine/Bottle of Favorite Liquor w. Bottle Opener
  • Candles
  • A Cook Book
  • Gourmet Chocolates
  • Gift Card to favorite coffee shop
  • Basket, Pretty Box, Tray, etc…{some sort of container that is both functional and stylish}

Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetHandmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetThe first thing I knew I wanted to include in this gift box, was homemade truffles. At first thought, you might just buy chocolates, which is TOTALLY acceptable, but the recipient of my gift loves all things pumpkin. To make this very simple pumpkin cheesecake truffle, I scooped balls of this pumpkin cheesecake {feel free to use store-bought or just ganache if you prefer}, froze them, then simply dipped them in good quality melted chocolate and placed them in mini cupcake liners. Tie ribbon along with a hand-lettered tag around a pretty box, and you effortlessly have homemade gourmet chocolates!Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetHandmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetEven if your gift box isn’t pumpkin themed, I do think a jar of homemade pumpkin spice is a great touch, especially for fall and winter months. Make your own version with this recipe. In baked goods or a morning cup of coffee, this will definitely be used. 
Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetI finished off the gift box with this diy succulent pumpkin planter, and a gift card to Shutterfly, which I know my recipient will be using this holiday season.

As for the actual gift box container, I wanted to use a tray. Since I couldn’t quite find one that was small enough or a style that was neutral, I picked up an unfinished wood tray from my local craft store, and painted it. I’ll be sharing this how to with you later week, because I’m sure you’ll definitely become inspired for some gifts this season. Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetTo assemble your gift box, place the largest items in first, then the second largest items. Finally add in small touches like plants, recipe card or notes.  Handmade Holiday: Housewarming/Hostess Gift SetWhether it’s a housewarming, for a hostess, or just because, these are my go-to tips for creating the perfect gift box:

1. Pick a theme! This helps when deciding what should go in the box, and you can choose a theme the gift receiver will love. Some favorites are chocolate, night in, holiday, spa, or office. There are so many fun themes to build a gift box around!
2. Have a variety of items in the box. Something to eat or drink, something they’ll use or will cook with, and something fresh and local, or picked from home.
3. Add a small bouquet of fresh flowers or greenery, like succulents. Either pick these from home {depending on the time of year or course}, or buy some from your local store, then rearrange them in a small vase.

You’ll definitely want to keep this handy for holiday gifting ideas!

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