Handmade Holiday: Painted Tray

http://www.michaels.comWell guys, I’ve got another super simple, and affordable how to, that can also be a lovely handmade holiday gift. I first shared this tray in this housewarming/hostess gift, as it was the container for my gift box, but you guessed it, of course I crafted it myself. 

A tray is a must in any home, whether you entertain or not, or have things to corral or not, it’s just a useful item to have. There really are so many beautiful styles of trays out there, in lux materials like marble or lucite, and endless colors and patterns. From old picture frames to wooden wine crates, you really can create a tray from anything. Handmade Holiday: Painted TrayI originally wanted to just purchase a tray, but everything was just too big, and I simply didn’t know my how the recipient had styled her new apartment, so choosing a style was hard. So with a simple wooden tray, some paint and a paint pen, a lovely tray was created. Seriously paint is one of the simplest and affordable ways to dramatically change something, and bring new life to old items. Handmade Holiday: Painted TrayI was inspired by a beautiful floral print on a thank you card I received and freehanded the design, but this how to works well with whatever design you like. Some other ideas include using painters tape to mark off lines or a chevron pattern, printing a template to use as a guide for a design or writing a quote. Remember to keep your recipient in mind, and create something that fits their style and personality. 

You’ll Need
  • Unfinished Wooden Tray {found at Michael’s Crafts or local craft store}
  • Spray Paint 
  • Mod Podge Spray or Sealer Adhesive Spray
  • Paint Pen {optional: template, pencil, painters tape, etc..}

Handmade Holiday: Painted TrayIn a well ventilated area, preferably outside, paint your wooden box with your choice of spray paint color. Allow to dry at least 30 minutes after each coat. For a pure white finish, use 3 coats, for a more natural effect use just two. Paint the inside first, allow to dry at least 2 hours, then paint the outside. A paint can works great to hold up your tray. 

Allow your paint to dry completely overnight {just remember to bring the tray indoors for the night}. Finish by spraying the entire tray with mod lodge or sealer spray, and allow to dry completely overnight. This sealer not only seals the paint, it prevents the paint from chipping or leaving marks on any furniture. Handmade Holiday: Painted TrayI used the print on this card as my guide to free hand the design in the inside of the tray with a silver pen. Finish by spraying the adhesive spray inside, and allowing to dry overnight. {If you are making stripes or another design follow the same step}Handmade Holiday: Painted TrayHandmade Holiday: Painted TrayHandmade Holiday: Painted TrayHandmade Holiday: Painted TrayHandmade Holiday: Painted TrayHandmade Holiday: Painted Tray

Isn’t it just lovely, it’s so easy I’ll need to make one for myself! Happy handmade holiday crafting. 

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