Christmas in New York City

IMG_0010There really is something just so magical about New York City during Christmastime. If you’ve never had the chance, it’s a must, especially if you love this time of year. The beauty you see in movies, it’s all there, of course with thousands of people among you, but that’s what adds to its magic. I’ve been lucky to grow up right outside the city, and remember always taking the trip to see the famous Rockefeller Center Tree and the beautiful holiday window displays with my parents every year the day before Christmas Eve.

In the last few years, I’ve become busier from helping with the reigns for our two day family Christmas celebrations and holiday orders, so this traditional night with my parents, has been replaced with quick trips with J. Since I knew the last two weeks before Christmas were going to be insane, last Friday was the one day I wanted to go in to New York City, and calmly walk the streets and see it’s Chritmas magic alongside my parents and J. Plus it helped that the weather was just perfect, which I know isn’t normal, but I’m totally taking advantage of it. IMG_9908Even after 20 something years of coming into New York City for Christmas, it still doesn’t get old. It still fills me with excitement of a young little girl impatiently waiting for Santa. Except now I’m a grownup, wishing the holiday season would slow down! Seriously, perhaps because I’ve been busier this month than any other year, but I feel like Christmas has flown by, like one week already. I need more time! More time to sit by the trees, to actually enjoy this time without stretching myself between orders, planning a party this weekend, making/wrapping gifts, and prepping everything for my own family celebration.

Amongst the hustle and bustle the holidays brings, going into New York City during Christmas allows me to slow down, and embrace this beautiful season. With just a few days before Christmas Eve, I know there isn’t much relaxing for me, but I make it a big effort to listen to classic holiday music and enjoy the twinkling tree as much as I can. So in case you are feeling stressed, here are just a few beautiful shots of New York City during Christmas, and if you haven’t seen them for yourself, inspires you to take a trip next year…IMG_9911IMG_9915I loved Macy’s windows this year. My favorite is still the Polar Express theme, but this year’s Peanuts were just so fun. 

IMG_9926IMG_9936IMG_9939IMG_9946Anthropologie, your windows make me want to be in a snowy cabin. IMG_9975The sight of the grand Christmas tree and skaters will never get old. IMG_9982IMG_9949IMG_9950IMG_9958IMG_9955Saks Fifth Avenue just about killed it this year with not only their winter palace light spectacle, which was replaced by their long running snowflake show but their windows too! The winter palace theme carried on through their amazing, and I mean AMAZINGLY, beautiful window displays. They are beyond gorgeous, with luxurious gowns, diamonds and crystals, and elegant tablescapes that filled me with so much inspiration. I literally photographed every window because they were just THAT beautiful. 




IMG_0006IMG_0005Christmas in New York City is magical, but even if you don’t have the chance to see it for yourself, hopefully you are enjoying this Christmas season with loved ones, remembering the true meaning of its magic. 

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