Reflecting on 2015

Reflecting on 20152015 has been some kind of wonderful year. It’s these calm days after Christmas, before the new year, that I reflect on  the goals I set for myself back in January and my accomplishments; the ones I achieved, the ones I’m still working on, and the ones I plan to actually take on. This year was filled with new opportunities and career projects, happy cheerful days, but it was also one with setbacks, frustration and sadness. Such is life, but the good most definiltey outweighed the bad. The Dreamery is growing, with the year ending with several dessert orders keeping me busy during the holidays, as well as a few styled and planned events, and more already lined up for next year. I couldn’t be happier!

Reflecting on 2015I set out to make this year about “achieve” and for the most part I did achieve certain goals I wanted for myself, while others might have been just a bit to ambitious for me at this point in my life. Of all the goals I did accomplish, I am most proud of my focus to grow The Dreamery, to attract more customers and returning ones for my desserts along with gaining the interests of others to style and plan their most joyous parties and milestones, along with their enthusiastic desire to share the word about me to everyone they know. It is just me and my small side business, just trying to make my dreams happen, and the encouragement, support and help from others is just overwhelmingly amazing and motivates me to really take big steps in 2016!

For that, I wanted to thank each and every one of my readers and clients, for all your support over the last twelve months. I really, and truly couldn’t have gotten to this point without you and this blog. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I also finally made mediation an integral part of my daily life, yes of course there are days I fall off the band wagon, but this year mediation helped me through some really hard times, serious self-doubt and defeat. It brought me out of a really dark hole, back into the positive light I’m living in now, back to a part of myself I love. And I plan to really dig deeper with my mediations in the upcoming year.Reflecting on 2015But of the all the goals I set for myself, the hardest one was to stop doubting myself, and to commit to myself like I do to others. It wasn’t easy I will say that, but at this point in the last days of the year, I believe in myself more than ever. I know I have the creativity, the ideas, the will power, the passion, motivation and drive to do the things I want to do. Of course it will always be a working progress, but there is no going back to filling my head with doubtful ideas that hold me back from success. I really did get rid of certain toxic habits this year, gained my confidence once again, and I couldn’t feel better going into 2016! Reflecting on 2015With this, I’ve taken these days to reassess my 2015 goals, choosing to pursue some I didn’t get to accomplish this year into the next one, like finally learning to play the ukulele I’ve had sitting in my room for three years, or to really push myself to run better and beat my half marathon record {yes, because even after saying I wouldn’t do it again, having knee surgery only motivated me to prove to myself that I can do it}, and to simply continue working on radiating love for myself, J, family, friends, and everyone else. Anytime is perfect for change and setting goals for yourself, but the first day of the new year somehow always symbolizes a fresh start, even if it is to focus on one simple goal.

And don’t be so hard on yourself if you didn’t tackle all the goals on your list last year, I sure didn’t, and if you had, then you probably didn’t fully commit to those you did accomplish. It’s natural to fall behind or cave into temptation a bit, be proud of what you did do. Remember that it’s important to pick up where you left off, and keep going in the positive direction. Make the little things right, leave behind the baggage you don’t want to bring with you in the new year, and take the time to focus on the big things, really reassess your actions, and simply start now! We’ve heard it time and time again, why wait to get something done, there is no reason to wait for the new year or a certain time to do it, but now. This will be sure to put you in the mindset to kick ass in 2016!

Reflecting on 2015I can feel that this upcoming year will be a good one, exciting things are coming your way and mine next year, and I truly appreciate you for coming along for the ride, it means the world!

Wishing you all best for the end of 2015, and even better and bigger wonderful things in the New Year to come!

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