Happy New Year…2016 Inspiration

Happy New Year...2016 Inspiration

Do you make goals for yourself each New Years Day? I enjoy setting goals, whether it’s continuing a current goal I’m working on or new ones for the next twelve months ahead. I also like to hit refresh on my office inspiration board, as well as my computer backgrounds, oh and maybe Pinterest board too, I know a lot of inspiration going around, but I love to surround myself with the images I envision for myself, or at least would really like to attract to my life in the next year. I think the first day of the year is perfect to leave last year’s baggage, and start slightly fresh. New ideas, new words, mantras, new motivation, new goals.

Here’s to wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and loving 2016! 

My favorite Inspiring Words post. It’s going to be 2016’s mantra. I'm Loving...2016 Inspiration

Maybe a seasonal pie stand?! {image via here}

I’m hoping for an even larger garden this year. {image via Ewain the Garden

The cakes I’m envisioning for The Dreamery are simple but beautifully adorned with preferably flowers. {image via Oh Joy!}

And lots of beautiful pies. {image via Kitchen Heal Soul}

My something new this year is going to finally be the Ukulele! {image via Ethereal Gold Tumbler}

More leisure Sunday brunches please. {image via Why, Hello There Tumbler

Working from home and in the kitchen, doesn’t give me much reason to get dressed for work. But this year I want to make more of an effort to look a bit more put together, when out running errands, for both business and personal. Even if it is wearing just a bit of mascara or a pretty top and casual bottom and shoes, or a pretty braid. {image via Gal Meets Glam}

I want to come together with loved ones a lot more, even for just a dinner, and reconnect better with friends from afar. {image via Lauren Conrad}

And above all I want 2016 to be calm, peaceful, enlightened, and full of sunshine whatever may come its way. {image via Swandive TumblerI'm Loving...2016 Inspiration

Hoping your 2016 looks as inspirational and lovely! 

{top image via Etsy}

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