How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding Blanket

How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding BlanketI’ll start the first how to and wedding inspiration of the year with probably one of my all time favorite projects! A Moroccan inspired wedding blanket. Man, did I fall in love with this thing. It definitely took me some time and effort, but it was so worth with. These Moroccan inspired blankets are meant to bring good luck to love and marriages, and I made it with plenty of love for my newly married and parents to be cousins. I’ve loved Moroccan weddings blankets for the longest time, so once I get some down time again, I’m going to have to make one of these lovely blankets for myself. 

It really is so simple, no sewing required really, just lots of measuring and fabric glue. The blanket itself can be anything you’d like, traditionally they are woven in white but I choose a silver that went better with the faux fur white fabric I picked up. I will say that if the blanket has fringe it’s a plus!How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding BlanketFinding this right blanket was actually the most challenging part of this how to, I just couldn’t find quite the right color in the right fabric, as well the fuzzy textured fabric traditional Moroccan blankets have. Some DIY’s use bathmat, but I somehow couldn’t find myself to use a rug, but I was convinced that a more elegant fabric could be used, so search for it at your local fabric stores, I’m sure you’ll find something great! How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding BlanketIf you’re planning on buying a beautifully crafted blanket, then make sure to plan on spending on a few hundred bucks. So, I knew that I could figure out a way to make my own version inspired by this beautiful traditional blanket for much less money! How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding BlanketI’m all about the history behind pieces certain cultural pieces, and anything the brings good luck and love. And these blankets are the best pieces to make and gift a newly married couple.  How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding BlanketMoroccan wedding blankets are known as “Handira”, hand woven blankets from sheep’s wool, cotton and linen by Berber women then given to brides to wear on their wedding day. They are said to ward off evil and to award fertility. How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding Blanket

You’ll Need
Throw Blanket, of choice {preferably in white or neutral color}
Silver Sequin Trim 7/8″
Silver Sequin Pattern Trim 1″
Faux Fur or Fuzzy/Textured Fabric {preferably in white or neutral color}
Large Fabric Glue {found in Craft or Fabric Stores}
Fabric Tape Measurer 
Begin with your blanket, preferably one with some texture and fringe so that it better resembles the natural texture of the traditional woven Moroccan wedding blankets. Then get your trim, you’d be surprised to find so many beautiful sequins for a few bucks.

For my blanket I decided to just use two different sequin trims. It’s important before buying your trims to measure how many yards you will need in total, plus a few extra inches. This includes if you’re using the trim in a straight lines or creating a pattern with them, like I have done. 

Make sure to measure all your spacing to determine how many rows of trim you will need for both the fabric and sequin trim. I liked the way a 4 inch trim looked on my blanket. For more rows of trims, make your spacing smaller. Finalize placement and design of trims, and secure in place with sewing needles. {I found it easier to do one side first, allow it dry overnight, then complete the other half the next day. 

Once you have laid out and pinned your trim, run glue down beneath the trim along the length of the blanket. Gently pat down with finger to secure. Once the entire trim is glued, gently remove the needles. Repeat this step with all the remaining trims. 

This how to for Moroccan inspired blankets is just as delicate as the authentic blankets. It really is one of my favorites projects, although it did take some time, it was quite simple. Just like its matching basket I made a few weeks bag. Seriously too lovely not have in the home, everyone will surely love receiving it! How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding BlanketHow To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding Blanket
 I ended up spending about $65 for the entire project!
 How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding BlanketI tied the blanket with a pretty silk ribbon, and placed a hand written note explaining the tradition of the blanket, as well as some good wishes for the happy couple. It really adds so much character and charm to any room.
Hope you enjoy this how to as much I do, I mean it’s just so pretty!
Hope your new year is craft filled!

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