Panettone Espresso French Toast

IMG_1477Are you going crazy with cleanses and juices, counting the days until you eat real meals once again. I often like to start the year with a cleanse, but this year I choose otherwise. My daily food mantra, even through the holiday when it can become hard not to indulge, is to eat clean, whole, and fresh. I will savor a cookie, cocktail, and carbs here and there, but this holiday season I actually became pretty much deathly ill two weeks before Christmas, and my weak stomach just couldn’t handle heavy foods. By New Year’s my stomach was back to normal, so I wanted to make sure I started the year off treating myself to a dish I really love.

I plan holiday meals and dishes well in advance, like any planner, and I specifically made a trifle with chocolate chip Panettone for Christmas just so that I could have leftovers to make french toast. Panettone is an Italian sweet bread, with either candied fruit, raisins or chocolate chips, that is eaten for Christmas and New Year’s, similar to Challah or Portuguese sweetbread we eat during Easter, which I love. I really do love this stuff; eaten fresh or toasted, but especially dredged in sweet milk and eggs, and cooked to crisp perfection. It’s just so good! If you’ve ever eaten french toast made with sweet bread, then you understand my excitement and love for this breakfast. Panettone Espresso French ToastIt’s not often I do treat myself to indulgent meals, so when I do, I make sure I still incorporate healthy ingredients too, creating a bit more of a substantial dish. A heaping dollop of protein packed greek yogurt, potassium rich bananas, raw walnuts, raisins, and just a drizzle of pure honey. I didn’t feel overly guilty, actually I didn’t feel guilty at all, I fully enjoyed this french toast, because no matter what, it’s delicious! 

Panettone Espresso French Toast

Panettone Espresso French Toast

Panettone Espresso French ToastHave a slice or two, seriously, it’s not going to kill you or derail your healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, your mind and body will appreciate you treating it just a bit. Plus, french toast breakfasts are meant to be shared, so it’s more about the moment of sharing a yummy breakfast with loved ones than it is about consuming sugar and carbohydrates. So enjoy it! Start the year off, with balanced deliciousness, and this panettone espresso french toast. Panettone Espresso French Toast

Panettone Espresso French Toast

French Toast Custard {Serves about 3 to 4}

3 large – Eggs

1 teaspoon – Espresso Powder {or 1 oz Espresso, cooled}

3/4 cups – Milk 

2 teaspoons – Pure Vanilla Extract

about 1/2 loaf Panettone Loaf Cake w. Chocolate Chips {cut into 1″ thick slices, about 7 slices}


In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs, vanilla and espresso, then whisk in the milk. 

Heat a non-stick griddle. Dip the bread slices into the egg mixture, turning to coat both sides evenly.

Cook the dredged bread slices on the griddle, or skillet, on medium heat, until browned and crisp on both sides. Top with banana slices, chopped walnuts, and raisins, and serve immediately. 

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