Inspiring Words

Inspiring WordsI’ve finally come around to sharing the first Inspiring Words post of the new year…Words have an immense power over motivating you or changing your mood, and they’re essential in my daily life. Whether it’s my daily and weekly mantras, or quotes I stumble upon that strike something within me. We’ve already made it through half of the first month of 2016, and certain people have begun feeling defeated over their “resolutions,” but remember new year’s should mark a moment for change, a moment of renewal, to bring upon the positive things you hoped to accomplish in the previous years. The important thing is to not quit the personal race of your life you’re on, to push through, and remaining optimistic and overly hopeful, not matter what gets thrown in the way. It’s this kind of positive attitude that will help you stay on track, even if you veer off track here and there {we all do, and it’s perfectly human}, it’s important to remember to commit to yourself, because you are important. If you’ve set new year’s intentions, then those changes you’ve set are important to you. So keep at it! In Gabby Bernstein‘s words,

“True Change occurs when you are committed and desire change.” 

I’ll be teaching another child’s birthday at the school this Saturday, and aside from finishing up some bridal shower invitations, I plan to continue by binge watching of Downton Abbey and my January project of simplifying my home, as well as creating some minamilist and healthy meals on Sunday. Happy Friday! 



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