DIY Valentine Cards for Everyone

DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneThe day designated for all things love will be here in just a few days. I don’t know about you but I always seem to do things last minute for Valentine’s day, and with busy schedules, driving kids to their after school programs, meetings, laundry, and whatever life requires of us, I’m sure most of you are in the same boat. But Valentine’s day should be sweet, and simple, and handmade. That’s true love to me, when you take the time to make your own card, or bake someone’s favorite cookies, it’s the little things that require our time and effort that really count. So today I’ve got easy, but oh so lovey DIY cards you can make for everyone in your life…from your husband, boyfriend, best girlfriends, your children’s classmates, and even your parents. DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneGet out all your colored papers, glittery pens, and hearts in shades of red, white and pink. Whether you plan a fun galentine’s crafting with your girlfriends or the kids, or you simply want to release some stress from your work day, these easy DIY cards are sure to send the right message of LOVE to your friends and family this Valentine’s Day!DIY Valentine Cards for Everyone

For Your Guy

Guys don’t need anything fussy. No glitter, long passages or quotes explaining love. They want simple, oh and candy. One of J’s favorite candies are Twizzlers, and scouring Pinterest I found this adorable quote, “Don’t get it twisted, you’re the only one for me!” To make a Twizzler Cupid’s Arrow Card…DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneCut card stock, in your color of choice to an 11×4″ rectangular. Glue one of these DIY cupid’s arrows diagonally. Glue two mini Twizzler candies onto the stick, gluing down both ends of the wrapper in the back so you don’t see them. {You don’t have to make the arrow, simply draw a heart as the tip, fill with craft glue then cover with glitter. Cut out hearts from red paper for the ends, and glue.}

With a metallic pen or marker write the quote in your favorite font. I chose a swirly one to go with the Twizzler theme. And don’t forget your personal sweet message on the back either. 

For Parents

DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneWatercoloring isn’t just for kids, it’s one of my favorite ways to paint. I love how it makes for softer artworks, and looks just so pretty as hearts in different shades of romantic colors. DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneCut 4X5″ white card stock pieces, then paint hearts using your watercolor paint. Make sure to be light on the water on your brush, so it doesn’t bleed. Allow the hearts to dry at least 5 minutes. If you feel confident, use a very thin brush to write your message, or use a marker atop the watercolor. DIY Valentine Cards for Everyone

For the Kids

Kids love candy. I remember being in elementary school and loving when either the teachers, or a classmate with a great parent, gifted us with small heart boxes of chocolate. No need for cards, just a simple but fun tag and sweet treats is all kids need to feel loved.DIY Valentine Cards for Everyone

“I’m a Sucker for You” Lollipop Valentine

DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneAdhere a heart print cut out from pretty paper onto the lollipop. {It’s best to use flat lollipops for this. Fold the lollipop wrapper flaps behind the heart, so you don’t see them from the front, and secure with tape.}

Make a tag from card stock by punching a hole at the top center, and using a pretty paper edge puncher for the top and bottom {you can use a pre made tag too}. Write “I’m a Sucker for You” with different colored pens or markers, and be creative with other shapes you might want to add. 

Pop Up Cards

Making pop up cards was actually one of my favorites to make as a kid. They were so simple, and always made for fun cards. Whenever I’d gift my handmade pop up cards, whether it was to my parents, grandparents or friends, they always seemed to be impressed at how I was able to do it. Well, they are very easy! DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneCut a 4X6″ white card stock, and fold in half. Cut out a 3X4″ piece of pink paper, and adhere to the front of the folded card with permanent double sided tape. Using a pretty paper edge puncher, cut out the border on the side of the card’s opening. With a white paint marker write, “Will you…” on the front of the card.DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneCut two 1/4″ strips of colored paper about 2″ long. Fold both strips like an accordion. Using a heart cutout, write “Be Mine”, then place two pieces of permanent double sided tape in the middle on the inside of your card. Place two pieces of permanent double sided onto the back and middle of your heart cut out. Adhere both folded strips onto the back of the heart, leaving about 1/4″ between both. Adhere onto the inside of the card. 

For your Best Gals

I know from my personal taste, but us gals love our gold and metallics. These DIY Valentine’s were my favorite and easiest to make. All you need are paint pens, and you can make so many prints, pretty enough to display all year round. DIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneCut white card stock into 4X5″ pieces. Choose colored and patterned papers of your choice, and cut into 4X5″ pieces. With permanent double sided tape, place along the edges of the white card stock, then carefully adhere your paper atop. 

XOXODIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneUse a gold paint pen, and write out XOXO. I found it pretty on blush pink paper. DIY Valentine Cards for Everyone

Calligraphy QuoteDIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneUse a patterned paper for the base, then with a light pink paper cut out a wide heart {you can use a template to trace the shape}. Adhere the heart onto the card on a slant with about an 1/8″ overhang over the top, and cut off the excess. With a gold pen, write your chosen quote in pretty “faux” calligraphy. {If you don’t feel comfortable handwriting it, choose a font on your computer, print it onto a heart template on colored paper, then just trace over with your gold pen} Allow to dry at least 5 minutes. DIY Valentine Cards for Everyone

Be MineDIY Valentine Cards for EveryoneUse a template for a thinner heart, trace and cut out onto light pink paper. Adhere the paper heart onto your card on an angle. With a silver paint marker write out “Be Mine.” DIY Valentine Cards for Everyone

And that’s that! It took me about half an hour to make all these Valentine’s so hopefully it inspires you to make some simple, but sweet and romantic Valentine’s too! 

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