Cookies, Cocktails + Roses Valentine’s Day

IMG_2315I really can’t deny that Valentine’s Day is one of the prettiest holidays, second to Christmas of course, but it is my favorite holiday when it comes to flowers! It’s when my creative juices start flowing and I can play with pretty blooms, creating inspiring ideas to share on this holiday of “LOVE.” This year with the popularity of the color rose quartz, of course this Valentine’s day styling was inspired by this romantic and beautiful color, with blushing tulle, delicate petaled ranunculus, and gilded love notes. To me, Valentine’s Day is about sharing love, not just to your significant other, but everyone you hold close to your heart. Whether it’s with your hubs, or gathered with your best gals crafting, this Valentine’s Day party inspiration is about spreading love over Cookies, Cocktails, and Roses…IMG_2302IMG_2394The inspiration: but of course Rose Quartz! I was instantly inspired back at the beginning of January when this color was announced, but it was also when I began, FINALLY, watching Downton Abbey, particularly the church bazaar episode, that I had envisioned what I wanted Valentine’s day this year to look like. On a side note: why this vintage-loving girl hadn’t been hooked on this show before don’t ask. You can’t deny that everything about this time period – the style, the glamour, the sophistication is just amazing, but it was the location of Downton Abby, set within the amazing gardens of an English countryside that drew me in. My dream is to live in an English garden, I just find them to be oh so romantic and exactly what I wanted these Valentine’s day styling to evoke. IMG_2294Back to the church bazaar episode of Downton Abbey, if you haven’t seen it, it basically is a bright and festive fair; with white tents, sitting areas with beautifully dressed guests sipping cocktails in delicate glasses, classic fair foods displayed in ways too pretty to eat, and tins and vintage containers filled with colorful blooms. Can you paint this picture in your mind, isn’t it beautiful? That same sweetness and effortless enjoyment is what this Valentine’s day party is about. 

I wanted this romantic vintage look paired with modern touches, to create a cookies and cocktails spread pretty enough for a party or casual afternoon siting around in your fancy dress. I just imagine this at a spring garden wedding, beneath bright green and grand trees nestled between endless rows of beautiful flowers.                

IMG_2380IMG_2293The vintage white buffet table paired along a mauve colored wall, delicately covered in blush pink tulle and white lace, set the scene. Rose touches were everywhere, from ivory rose bud candle holders, to glass terrarium ornaments holding a special bloom, to a pretty canvas print, and even a teacup holding the most perfect rose a la Beauty and the Beast. Pretty handmade valentine cards, cocktails, and red, pink and white sprinkled linzer cookies pulled the look together.                                                                                                                       IMG_2297IMG_2323I wanted to create a centerpiece that all of you could easily put together too, no matter where you live. These pretty flowers, were all picked up at Whole Foods! I had envisioned lush peonies and anemones, but not only can they be a bit more expensive, they’re also harder for the common person to attain without having access to a flower supplier.

To get the full affect, buy your roses three days in advance, that way that they can fully open {mine still have a few days to go}. Your local florist may not have eucalyptus or ranunculus, but Whole Foods will definitely have them. When I don’t want to purchase flowers in bulk or head into the NYC flower market, I always rely on Whole Foods for beautiful, and unique flowers, I can’t ever seem to find nearby. So this beautiful arrangement, which was put together in a trifle dish, is totally doable by you too!IMG_2341I went with roses in two different blush pink shades, sprinkled with white tulips, delicate ranunculus in white, pink rimmed, and fuchsia, and seeded eucalyptus for a grand centerpiece. While roses in glass terrariums modernized the overall softness. IMG_2336IMG_2334IMG_2298IMG_2331IMG_2376Cookies, Cocktails, and Flowers…what a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. Linzer cookies are synonymous with Valentine’s day and plenty of these peanut and cherry linzer heart cookies, I whipped up earlier in the week, were on display. Of course cocktails are in order, especially ones splashed St. Germaine. These Elderflower Grapefruit Fizzes with a rim of hibiscus sugar crystals are really the perfect cocktail for Valentine’s day! And the recipe is coming your way tomorrow…

IMG_2397IMG_2406IMG_2417IMG_2424Every good party has a little bit of fun. Last year the girls and I decorated cookies, this year is about crafting sweet and loving Valentine cards. If you do choose a crafting afternoon, keep the mood festive, not overly crafty. Think different colored papers, envelopes and metallic pens. Any of these super easy Valentine card DIY ideas will definitely work! Keep things simple, yet pretty enough that guests can take a quick break to write sweet and loving notes. 

And don’t let guests leave empty handed. Those roses nestled within glass terrarium ornaments, yes they make for the loveliest of party favors, along with a few bagged cookies. IMG_2467I actually felt sad taking this styling down, because it was just too pretty! But you know what, it did fill me up with so much love.

I hope that you’re inspired to put together some pretty pink blooms, write your Valentine a card, or whip up some sweet cookies this Valentine’s Day. This holiday of love doesn’t have to be fussy – keep things effortless, simple, and focus on the personal touches that evoke love.


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