2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

This week’s Wedding Wednesday isn’t putting the spotlight on trends or pretty inspiration, instead I wanted to share a bit of reality often forgotten when planning a wedding, COSTS. As a wedding and event planner, it’s part of my job to stay on top of what’s trending in the industry, of how much and what exactly engaged couples spend their wedding money on. Planning a wedding doesn’t have to leave you in debt, it’s a happy celebration!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably recently engaged, knee deep in your planning process, or just love weddings, and I’m here to breakdown some 2016 Wedding Cost Predictions for you. Thumbtack recently released their 2016 Wedding Trends Report, and I wanted to share some beneficial stats. If you haven’t heard of Thumbtack, it’s a great online service that connects us with skilled professionals in any industry, especially hundreds within events. These statistics were put together based on wedding requests placed for 2016 weddings, taking note of spending habits, trends and reviews. 

In a nutshell, the average American wedding is often believed to cost $30,000, but the reality is far much less. The average U.S. couple spends $12,000! Social media and cinematic requests are on the rise, as well as glamourous bridal looks. Below you’ll find a more in-depth breakdown of costs in each category. If you have just gotten engaged, this will definiltey help you see where your money will be going…

Note Worthy 2016 Trends

The New Theme – NO Theme

Couples are, and will continue to focus on the personal details that set their wedding apart, rather than relying on setting specific themes. But they are also spending noticeably more overall on services to create memorable affairs, a mere 20% more in 2016!

Real Time Video & Cinematic Movies 

Videographers are witnessing an 8% raise in requests for highlight videos, using personalized messages from guests that are shared during your wedding reception. Just when certain people believe wedding videography was losing it’s desire, cinematographic wedding videos, which I’m a sucker for, are on the rise! 

Custom Photo Booths

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

Photo booths aren’t going anywhere, they’re a fun thing for guests and great way to candidly capture your wedding moments. But they’re becoming much more elaborate with custom and unique backdrops, and even slow motion video GIF’s. 

Image via Sweet Booths

Laser Cut Details

2016 Wedding Cost PredictionsFrom invitations, place cards, and even place mats…laser cutting details are becoming even more popular.

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

Brides Want More Planning Assistance

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

Now this statistic of course makes me happy, because brides are looking for more help from wedding planners this year. Not only are couples looking for a more stress-free day with Day of Event coordinators, but they’re seeking out wedding planners to help with the rehearsal planning too! 

Image via The Dreamery Events

Big & Bold 

From colors to bridal looks, expect 2016 weddings to put the focus on big, grand details… 

Glamorous Beauty Looks 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

To my surprise, brides are steering away from natural and romantic looks, and increasingly choosing glamorous hair and makeup looks. Hello contouring, false lashes and bold lip colors! Hair is making a statement too with accessories, not just your beautiful floral crowns, but glitzy clips and tiaras are becoming more requested too!

Image via Style Me Pretty

Bright Color Schemes 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

The colors of the year may be soft rose quartz and serenity, but it seems couples are choosing colorful hues like yellow and bright blues. Metallics, they’re even more popular than ever. 

Image via 100 Layer Cake

Formal is Back 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

With a 26% increase in formal dinner receptions, and a 32% increase in couples requesting plated meals, classic formal affairs will always be a traditional to celebrate a wedding

Image via Bridal Musings

Sky High Cakes 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

Cakes this year are reaching higher limits, with 55% more couples wanting 3 layer cakes, and unlike the past, fondant has become less popular with simple frosted buttercream cakes taking the reign, think beautiful naked cakes.

Image via Wedding Chicks 

Cupcakes & Dessert Buffets are Here to STAY 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

Oh, cupcakes you’re not going anywhere! Instead they’re being featured alongside more elaborate dessert and candy buffets with endless choices for guests to enjoy and take home with them. 

Image via Wedding Chicks

Even More Florals 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

The traditional wedding flowers are still ranking the top, but the underdog making it’s name this year; Baby’s Breath. Although flowers are a big expense, and a big aspect of weddings, brides love their blooms and will be using even more in 2016. What I did find surprising, was the increase in Ceremony Aisle florals, an expense most couples opt of to save ,since most of these floral pieces can’t be used during the reception. 

Image via Diana Marie Blog

The Breakdown of Real Costs when Getting Married 

National $ Averages + Regional Characteristics

  • $12,189 = Amount average American couple will spend on essential wedding services for 98 guests; excluding the venue, dress, and rings

The Most Expensive States to Get Married

This isn’t a surprise but the Tri-State area and surrounding states are the most expensive states to get married in. A big factor is the population numbers in these dense states, with Connecticut ranking the list with an average wedding costing just over $17,200 and New York, coming in just over $16,300. 

As far the most expensive metropolitan areas in these states; NYC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Providence top the list. 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

What Makes Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Weddings More Expensive…increased formal plated dinner requests and larger number of attending guests.

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

The Least Expensive States to Get Married

The least expensive states, are of course the midwest. When you really break it down, these states don’t have nearly as many options of vendors, and you get more for you buck. Think vast dessert-scapes and ample outdoor settings, like in Arizona, and locations you can choose to get married during any time of the year. And by the way, Missouri is the least expensive state to be married in, coming it about $9,000!

As far the least expensive metropolitan areas in these states; Portland, Columbus, Austin, Rochester and Charleston top the list. 

2016 Wedding Cost Predictions

What Makes Midwestern & Mid-Atlantic Weddings Less Expensive…midwest weddings will have large guest lists, but it’s the destination states, like Hawaii and California, that usually have guest lists as little as 20. 

Image via Style Me Pretty

The geographical difference is definitely clear! I subconsciously always knew getting married on the west coast would benefit something other than my desires for warm weather, outdoor celebrations and a get-away with loved ones. 

Hopefully these predictions give any engaged couples a bit of insight how their wedding money will be spent. This is just a snippet of the statistics that Thumbtack put together for 2016 wedding costs.

All facts are that of Thumbtack, but opinions are that of The Dreamery Events. 
Top Image via Once Wed

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