Quick Cherry Jam

Quick Cherry JamOkay, so I’m quickly stopping by to share a simple recipe today. With vacation in less than two weeks, design deadlines for fast approaching events must be taken care of before I can fly into Jamaican sunsets. And what’s quicker than a homemade jam. I purposely made this jam earlier this month for two reasons; to stuff between these peanut linzer cookies for Valentine’s day and for my father. 

Cherries are not in season, but they are one nutrient rich fruit! Especially for people suffering from gout, like my father. Which is why I made the jam during the winter, even when cherries aren’t freshly brimming the markets. Quick Cherry JamAlthough, some medical conditions seem to just happen, whether it genetic or other reasons, more often than not there are endless fruits and vegetables with amazing healing powers that help alleviate symptoms or even reduce the illness itself. If you hadn’t already known, cherries are one of the most health beneficial fruits there are. Gout, which most commonly affects men, is a kind of arthritis that can cause an attack of sudden burning pain, stiffness, and swelling in joints, usually near the toes, and can overtime harm joints, tendons and other tissues if not treated properly. So, to help alleviate sudden flair ups, I’ve been trying to get my father to eat foods that I already eat, but will help him feel better. Cherries are one of the best fruits for gout, lowering the risk of an attack overtime, especially when eaten at least once a day. 

Even if you don’t suffer from gout, Cherries are packed with antioxidants and even help with insomnia and belly fat. Cherries could be just what the doctor ordered for you! Quick Cherry JamSo yes our house is stocked with cherry everything; dried, cherry juice, and frozen. And considering we are in the middle of February, I did use frozen cherries for this easy jam. I highly recommend choosing an organic brand of frozen fruit, with no added sugar. If you have a Costco near you, I highly suggest you pick up on of their jumbo bags of organic frozen cherries. You definitely get more for your buck, and plenty of cherries to make this jam whenever you want. 

This jam recipe is one of my go-to’s because it’s quick and easy!  It makes one 16 ounce jar, along with a smaller jar. And just so we’re clear, this is a quick jam, so it’s not meant to be sealed and stored in your pantry for months, but it will definitely stay fresh for up to 6 months refrigerated.  Quick Cherry JamThis really is a fast jam to make, since the cherries are frozen, so no pitting! Gather your saucepan, cherries, raw turbinado sugar, and a Meyer lemon. The hard part is stirring this jam until it achieves its thick consistency, but put on some happy music and dance to make the time pass by. 

Cherries are also a pretty low pectin fruit, so the lemon is necessary for the jam to thicken up, because if not, you’d have a cross between a chunky juice. I used a Meyer lemon, because they’re deliciously sweet and sour, and help tone the cherry’s sweetness a bit.  Quick Cherry JamI used a sweet dark cherry which makes for a subtly sweet jam, but once cherry season comes around experiment with wild or white cherries for a tart jam. But it doesn’t matter what variety you use, it will be delicious.  

Oh, and I like my jam chunky. I like getting bits of fruit in each bite. It excites me, and my favorite part of jam, especially homemade jam. 

Quick Cherry JamAnd since it’s cold outside, there really isn’t anything better and warming then making a potful of homemade cherry jam. 

Quick Cherry Jam

Ingredients {Makes 2 cups}

2 pounds – Sweet Dark Cherries (fresh or frozen, pitted – defrost completely before if using frozen}

8 ounces – Raw Turbinado Sugar 

Juice of 1 large – Meyer Lemon


Wash and rinse a pint glass jar, without drying place in the microwave for 2 minutes. Set aside.

Wash and pit the cherries, if using fresh. Coarsely chop and transfer to medium sauce pan. Add the sugar and lemon juice to the cherries, and cover over medium heat, stirring occasionally until the sugar has melted. Increase heat to medium-high and bring cherries to a rolling boil, stirring frequently. Cook the cherries until the liquid has evaporated and jam has thickened {about 20 to 25 minutes}. The jam is done once it doesn’t spread out on your spoon, and holds its shape. Allow to cool slightly.

With an immersion blender, pulse the jam a few times. You don’t want to fully puree the jam, you want it mostly blended with a several pieces of cherry. {If you do prefer no fruit pieces in your jam, then puree it completely.}

Place jam into your cleaned jar. Seal with lid, and allow to cool completely before refrigerating. Keep in refrigerator up to 6 months.

4 thoughts on “Quick Cherry Jam

      1. I have tons of frozen cherries to use up, and this would be the best way to do it before all the fresh seasonal cherries arrive. Thanks for sharing!


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