Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar

Creating Your Own Full Moon AltarSo today’s post is something totally different from others posts I’ve shared, but it’s about a part of my life that is important; meditation. I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m an expert, or a guru, but I do meditate everyday, am in tune with my spirituality and look to Sanskrit mantras for guidance. If you didn’t already know, my name is Diana. Diana was the Roman Goddess of the Moon {as well as forests, which probably explains why I love nature}. For years I’ve read that the Moon comes out at night for specific reasons, it has some powerful effects, and not just on ocean tides, but on our emotions as well. I’ve always been someone whose mood and emotions are easily affected by nature and my surroundings, and if you thought the moon didn’t have anything to do with your own mood swings, that it’s just hormones, than you’re wrong, just read this article

If you meditate regularly then you’ve heard of setting up altars. Since the beginning of time, we’ve known of people creating altars, or shrines, to bring good spirits, pray, and express devotion. And the tradition has since carried into our modern society with individuals setting up small, personal sacred spaces that allow them to connect with the Universe. There is a method to setting up altars, but regardless of how you create yours, according to Vatsu Shastra tradition, they are created to balance nature’s five elements within the environment and body, bringing beauty into your surroundings. I never intentionally had created an altar, but after gaining an interest in this subject, I began to realize that I had subconsciously setup mini altars throughout my bedroom. If you’re interested in reading more about creating your own altar for well-being and fulfillment, read on hereCreating Your Own Full Moon AltarNow back the moon. As I mentioned before I’m a pretty intuitive person, so my emotions are easily affected. You want to know the weirdest thing, or should I saw almost enlightening thing, last Friday morning, the day I planned to write this post, I awoke from a dream where I was discussing my full moon altar and the moon’s affects on our moods with a friend. I know, “WHOA,” talk about timing! 

So what is a full moon altar? They’re basically created with the intention, like regular altars, with the power to call upon the moon’s energy for the change and support you’ve been wanting. In Vedic teachings, the full moon is of great significance; allowing whatever good intentions set forth as the moon grows to be auspicious and beneficial, bringing harmony within nature. And each full moon is not like the other, every new full moon, brings on a whole new set of meanings and effectiveness. Creating Your Own Full Moon AltarThe powerful habit of creating an altar on the night, or day leading up, to full moon each month, enhances positives change within you, and ensures your days will be filled with ease. Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar

So how do you create your Full Moon Altar…
  • Often created outside, weather permitting, if not preferably on a windowsill or counter near window. 
  • Gold and Green are Important : Make sure these colors are represented in some of the items you place **ALL the items you choose to place on your altar should be of significance, and only bring upon positive emotions**
  • Water in the Northeast : Use your phone’s compass to determine the NE direction of your altar, and place a clear/light colored bowl with water or vase with fresh flowers. If using fresh flowers, remember to keep them alive and as beautiful as the dreams you want to become reality. 
  • Fire in the Southeast : For your fire element, burn a green or gold candle, or even incense. 
  • Earth in the Southwest : Use stones or crystals in green or golden hues to represent earth. You may also use a small statue or symbol that represents abundance to you. In Vedic teachings, a potted, blooming, plant can represent this element too. 
  • Air in the Northwest : Place a standing wind chime, fan, or feather in this spot, or use incense as this element. Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar
  • Center is Your Space Element : Place a gold/green/clear dish or plate in the center of your altar to represent your offering tray. In your offering tray, place items that represent abundance to you; money, coins, gems or jewelry. On a small piece of unlined paper, describe the feelings you would like to experience in three words. Your offering tray is the place to connect and offer your dreams and deepest desires, so don’t choose words of what you “think” is wrong and needs improving, but instead choose words like; peace, healing, love, success, etc…Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar
  • Personal Symbol : Whether it be a statue, photograph, or image that inspires feelings of happiness, place it in the center of your altar behind your offering plate. Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar

You’re not done just yet! In order to get to full benefitting effects of your altar, you must follow through with its powers by completing an meditative activation ceremony. This simple action should be done during the day or night leading up to when the moon is at its fullest. You can find the exact time of each month’s full moon here.  After, your altar may be disassembled a day or two after the full moon, or be left throughout the month, making sure to perform the activitation ceremony again before each new full moon. 

Activating your Full Moon Altar…

In this order….

  1. Stand or kneel in front of your altar
  2. Light the candle or incense 
  3. If you have a bell or chime on your altar, ring them to purify the energy in your surroundings {sound brings focused awareness to your surroundings}
  4. In your right hand, hold the written piece of paper and take 10 to 12 long, slow, deep breaths in and out through your nose
  5. Experience the feeling of having your desires, nothing specific, but the feelings of having them, like happiness, peace, and love
  6. Place the paper back in the offering tray
  7. Using your right hand, fold your middle two fingers into your palm, placing your thumb over the top of these two fingers to hold them in place. This is a Vedic hand position called a Mudra, which moves energy towards your intention
  8. With your hand in this mudra, facing the altar, move your arm forward and back nine times
  9. Each time you extend your arm toward your altar, say the moon mantra with passion and intensity

Mantra: Om Chandraye Namaha {Phonetic Pronunciation: Om Chon-dra-yay Na-ma-ha}Creating Your Own Full Moon AltarOnce you have completed this, your altar is ignited! Taking time each day to acknowledge and appreciate your altar helps to stimulate and keep it activated during the full moon. 

Like I said, I am no expert in mediation and teachings, this is simply information I’ve gathered through readings and my experience with meditative practices. There is plenty of information out there that you may read, as well, including this article which inspired me to create my own Full Moon Altar.Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar

Do you create your own mediation altars? I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the full moon’s effects, meditation, and altars! Hope this inspires you to bring more peace into your life! 

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