Spring Goals

Spring GoalsHappy Friday all! Seriously I don’t know where this week has gone. Maybe it’s because ti was my first week back from Jamaica, and I have tons of work to catch up on and projects to start that I didn’t even realize it. What I did take advantage of was this amazing weather we’re having in NJ. Although, alarming that it felt more like summer this week then the beginning hints of Spring, I can’t say I didn’t love being outside painting some event pieces. This weather makes me feel happy, and totally in the groove of things. I’ve definitely got a lot of things on my plate with this upcoming two months with four parties, two large desserts orders, showcasing at a bridal show, oh and taking a creative business course, but I’m loving it all!

The more work I’ve been getting the more motivated and determined I’ve been feeling. I only wish my knee was feeling totally better so I could get back to my half marathon training, I’m really staying hopeful that I can race, here’s hoping I make a miraculous turn around this weekend. I’m going to actually enjoy this weekend, I’ve worked hard this week for it; a big batch of soup, some St. Patrick’s day inspired cookies, and hopefully ending it with painting a print. 

But seriously this weather has me beyond excited for SPRING! It’s 9 days to start of my favorite season, the tulips and hyacinth are beginning to bloom in the garden, and there is nothing more soothing then sitting outside and listening to the birds. Come this time of year I think we all look forward to the endless activities that we can do once again, and all the adventures that await us. What are you planning to do this Spring time? I’m definitely using March to focus on a few things on the business front, tweaking things here and there, and then fully embracing the outdoors and everything I can do with loved ones, once the sun shines just a bit longer each day. Spring Goals

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