Easter Brunch Recipe Round Up

Easter is this Sunday. Do you have family traditions you do together each year? For my family, we head to church in the morning then to my godparent’s home for brunch or lunch. It’s just a simple day with the family for us. In Portugal we don’t dye eggs or have fun Easter egg hunts, chocolate and fun baskets yes, but maybe we’ll start new traditions once the new baby in the family is born. What is traditional is good food, and elaborate spread of brunch items or a traditional savory dish, and of course sweet treats. If you’re planning an Easter brunch, and still haven’t quite figured out your menu, I’ve rounded up some favorites for you…

Melon Mint Smoothie

Papaya Smoothie

Quick Cherry Jam

Banana Apple Spelt Muffins

Panettone Espresso French Toast

Spelt Waffles

Favorite Granola

Radish + Mint Salad

Lemon Herb Hummus

Mushroom Gouda Melt Bites

Lobster + Fennel Soup

Rustic Fruit Tart

Lemon Curd Pies

Whole Wheat Lemon + Sage Honey Olive Oil Cake

Southern Hummingbird Cake

Lemon Shortbread Cookies

Classic Lemon Bars

Roasted Apricot and Lemon Hibiscus Tea Ice Cream

Pistachio Ice Cream

Elderflower Grapefruit Fizz Cocktail

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