Into the Garden : Tulips

Into the Garden : TulipsThe highlight of spring is most definitely the warm weather that comes after months of cold and snow, but for me the excitement arrives in the form of beautiful flowers that quickly begin to bloom. Of all the flowers that grace us with their cheery colors and lovely scents, the flower I anticipate, is the tulip. With their varying shapes, some of which resemble peonies, and stunning coloring, you can’t help but smile and feel happy around tulips. They are one of the first to bloom in my garden, and somehow with each passing year they are more beautiful than before.Into the Garden : TulipsTulips not only bring such beauty and life to a garden, but they are excellent cut flowers. They are actually one of my favorite and go-to flowers when making arrangements, because aside from blooming into every color and shade imaginable, they work with just about any style. Whether romantic and bohemian or whimsical and modern, it’s clear to see why tulips are loved by many, especially for weddings and parties. And don’t be fooled by the tulip’s signature shape most know of, there are also parrot or double tulips, which are just as stunning, if not more!

When my father planted his tulips, he purposely chose tulips of all variations, so when they all bloomed, it was like a beautiful rainbow of individually gorgeous tulips, none like the other. I had a friend visit Holland this spring, right at the height of tulip season, and her photos were mesmerizing! Of course my garden doesn’t quite compare, but the feeling of seeing these tulips in the garden during their blooming days, were of magical beauty.

Into the Garden : TulipsInto the Garden : TulipsInto the Garden : TulipsOf all the tulips, I will say that my favorites are the double tulips, which bloom so grand, they often look like peonies and garden roses. Many brides may not know of these beauties, but they make equally beautiful flowers in a bouquet or centerpiece, for nearly half the cost!

Into the Garden : Tulips

Into the Garden : TulipsInto the Garden : Tulips

Into the Garden : TulipsInto the Garden : Tulips

Into the Garden : TulipsSeriously, how gorgeous are these tulips!

5 thoughts on “Into the Garden : Tulips

  1. I love tulips as well. This past Friday I came upon a house with a tiered landscape in their front yard. There was a magical display of tulips on four levels. It was spectacular! I’ll be posting a photo or two on my site in the next day or so. They just lifted my spirits immediately! Flowers have a way of doing that to me. 🙂


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