I’m Loving…Birthday Edition

I'm Loving...Birthday EditionWe’ve made it to June already, I know, how did that happen?! When my favorite month of June arrives, it means the year is halfway complete, and it also means it’s my birthday. Now, it’s not my favorite month because of my birthday, on the total contrary, I’m not one for big birthday festivities for myself, instead my favorite way to spend it is by traveling instead. But June, oh it’s just the best…there’s no escaping the good weather and sunshine, lush trees and beautiful flowers of every color in the rainbow, the endless activities to do outdoors, and that carefree feeling. The exciting arrises as those dog days of summer arrive in just a few weeks. I just love this time of year, and I love that my birthday occurs during it. But, this year I’m having a love hate relationship with my upcoming birthday. Ay, it’s totaling hitting me I’m getting older!

Since, I’m celebrating my actual birthday in two weeks by going to Firefly, this weekend I plan on laying low. An overnight trip to the beach today, afternoon and dinner, maybe even a night out at Pier 13 with friends, and for the big 27th birthday, a simple barbecue and some ice cream at home. But because it is my birthday, I’m dedicating this edition of I’m Loving to all the things I want to have during my birthday weekend and what I want this new year of my life to look like…

BirthdayI'm Loving...Birthday EditionFlowers! I plan on doing nothing but being outside {crossing my fingers the predicted rain goes away}, beneath the sunshine and amongst the flowers, especially the peonies, which are blooming crazy beautiful! via Gal Meets Glam

Let’s spend my birthday Sunday relaxing and having a picnic. What do you say? via Lovely Indeed

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the Little Mermaid, so for my birthday could I please be a mermaid?!?!! top image via Etsy

Really hoping to pull off a trip to Portugal in the next few months, regardless where it is traveling is what I want to be doing! via Douro Valley Rentals

Not one for sweet sangria, I most definitely need to try this cucumber melon version! via BHG

A simply grilled pizza and fresh tomatoes are all I crave, with of course a slice of pie and plenty of ice cream to go around. |salad via The Pretty Blog|pie via Food & Wine|ice cream via The Kitchen McCabe|

Of course, my birthday crown would be made of flowers. via Green Wedding Shoes

I’ve got my eye on you pretty LWD. via Show Me Your Mumu

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