Natural Bug Spray DIY

Natural Bug Spray DIYSummer, isn’t it such a great season. The weather is nice enough for us to go to the park, beach, or lake and do just about anything from having bonfires, to attending musical festivals, to simply sitting underneath a tree, sipping a cocktail. Yes, there are downfalls, especially if you’re having a wedding or party outdoors. Days that are unbearably hot and humid, or the unexpected thunderstorms, and then there’s those pesky bugs! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, as it’s one of the most popular season to do so, having a few friends over to grill or you’re going on a hike, insects can become a real nuisance on your day!

My go-to bug spray is actually this natural DIY version. Over the years of being attacked and bitten by bugs, I never had any result with store bought brands. Plus, an all natural bug spray is much better to have at a wedding or party, since they don’t contain harsh chemicals some people are averse to. This easy how to includes different essential oils, but you can keep it classic with just Ban the Bugs oil and a few drops of lavender to smell pretty. Natural Bug Spray DIY

 One of my favorite ideas, especially for an al fresco wedding, is to have a few natural bug sprays placed throughout. Guests, who are being bothered by mosquitos, can spray themselves and actually enjoy your wedding day, without feeling frustrated and in turn not have a great time. And we don’t want any unhappy guests at a wedding.

Display several bug spray in pretty bottles, which are so affordable here, throughout areas your guests mingle. Lay them atop linen napkins for a lovely touch, and so guests can clean up. Natural Bug Spray DIYWith a few simple ingredients you have a homemade all natural bug spray and less annoying summer, and here’s how you can do it…

You’ll Need

  • Ban the Bugs Essential Oil {choose a kid-safe blend and make sure it includes the main bug fighting essential oils; citronella, grapefruit, geranium bourbon, rosalina, and patchouli}
  • Rubbing Alcohol, Witch Hazel or High Proof Vodka
  • Nourishing oil, you can use coconut, olive or joboba oil
  • Distilled or Boiled Water, cooled {recommended for long term use}
  • Funnel *don’t use one you use for drinks, purchase one specifically from the dollar store*
  • Glass or Plastic Portable Spray Bottle
  • Essential Oils, optional 

Natural Bug Spray DIY

To Make 1 cup

Pour 1/2 cup of the alcohol, or witch hazel, and about 70 drops of the Ban the Bugs Oil. Add in 1/2 cooled, boiled water and nourishing oil. Secure the lid on the bottle and shake to mix the ingredients together. Finally add in a few drops of your chosen essential oils, until you achieve a scent you enjoy. I chose to add Lavender and Lemon as they are also great bug fighting scents.

To use, shake the bottle before each use. Spray the repellent onto the skin, rubbing if needed.

 **Since this is a DIY bug spray I do still recommend you testing the spray on your skin first. Although all the ingredients are all natural, some skin types might not react well.**

Natural Bug Spray DIYNatural Bug Spray DIYNatural Bug Spray DIY

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