Friday Favorites + Birthday Reflections

Friday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsOh Friday, hello again! June is such a special month for me, not only because it’s my birthday month, but it brings upon so many wonderful and favorite things. It also brings Summer, a time most of us let our hair loose and relax just a bit more. But June also marks the middle of the year, I know can you believe it, we’re halfway done with 2016. What?!? I’m not even going to say it again, because I know you are definitely with me, but boy is this year flying! Every year around my birthday I like to reflect on my last year, and set intentions for this next year of my life. It also happens to be the middle of the year, the perfect time to check in with your new year goals. So here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to …Friday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsOne event, big or small, you can’t wait to share...I got to a point where I planned/styled 5 parties and made 8 large dessert orders within a 3 month span! I’m advertising on WeddingWire, showcased at a bridal show, have inquiries coming in more frequently from potential clients and am in the works of doing a magazine shoot with some other beautiful creative souls. Now for the next 6 months, I plan to work on getting the attention of more future clients, while also looking for other ways to earn a bit more; market my Society6 shop, team up with a local antique shop, I’ve got lots of ideas.

Keep at it everyday, can’t you see how far you’ve come!

Friday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsFriday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsWhat new thing have you learned…My goal this year was to try and learn new things, of course without overloading myself with too many new hobbies, I chose three main skills to focus on. Learning Italian has been the most fun. It’s easy to do DuoLingo’s short lessons, sometimes during commercials or when getting ready. Now, calligraphy, I thought you’d be a bit easier. Ever since I was young I had a knack for writing different fonts, and even now love doing calligraphy just for fun, but it’s always been with pens, markers or paintbrushes. Learning this writing technique using the traditional pen has been more of a challenge, but with a bit more practice I know I’ll get the hang of using the calligraphy pen.

The last skill I wanted to focus on wasn’t new, but instead I set on improving my food styling and photography. I definitely feel that my styling has improved and can definitely say that each new recipe looks nicer than the last. I not ashamed to say I’m proud of the shots I have been taking. Seriously, just take a look at some of my first posts, you’d think it was a totally different person.Friday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsFriday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsMost rewarding moment…One of my recent clients truly made planning events worthwhile. She had been going through a difficult time, and she just wanted to have a nice party for her childrens’ communion; to bring some much needed happiness into their lives. This event became more than decorating a party, it came from the heart, I had to do something really special, pay close attention to the sweet little details I knew she liked. My client couldn’t have been more thankful, there really wasn’t a better feeling than having her express her gratitude everything. Something as simple as a few extra flowers and glitter atop cake pops, was able to bring so much joy to several people. As an event planner, this is why I do what I do, and love it!Friday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsI loved traveling to…the first half of the year didn’t bring on too many trips, except for my return to Jamaica with J’s family. I am excited for the rest of the year though. This weekend I’m living my inner hippie, immersing myself in great music and fun festival vibes at Firefly. I’m planning for plenty of beach days, maybe a weekend on a friend’s boat, and am really trying for a trip to Europe in the fall! Since the  weather has been just to perfect, I’m keeping my days open for gardens, hikes and other fun summer activities.Friday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsFriday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsFriday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsFriday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsThe little things bringing me garden. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to going outside each morning, when the sun is soft, to feel the grass beneath my feet and trees wrestling in the wind above. I’ve honestly felt like I’ve been more productive being able to work outside. Nature allows me thrive! Closing your eyes for a minute and just listening to the wind and birds chirping does more wonders for your energy than coffee could. My vegetable garden is a-booming too, I can’t wait to start eating fresh veggies from it!Friday Favorites + Birthday ReflectionsFriday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsTotally need to work on...balancing life a bit more efficiently, whether it’s prepping and scheduling all my blog post so they’re done a few days in advance, and I can have more time to work on job and career tasks, as well as make new recipes and crafts I’ve been wanting to do, plus everything else that comes with living. Yes, I’m looking at you pain in the a** tasks we all procrastinate doing. I also need to work on actually taking an action to love.

I’ve been really good reconnecting, and stay connected, with loved ones who live far, and telling J and those near that I love and care for them, but I know I can do more to show them! Especially after the awful event in Orlando, Steven Colbert said it so well, “Love is a verb, it requires you to take action.” May it be, by baking someone their favorite dessert or taking more photos with J, I plan on spreading a lot more love into the universe.Friday Favorites + Mid Year ReflectionsMost importantly, so far I’ve…regained my confidence. We are often our own worst enemies, and I was definitely in a place where I didn’t really have that strong belief in myself as I had in other points of my life, but man have I gained it back. I really wanted to work on myself internaly, and I can definitely attest it to daily, focused mediations. I’ve learned to let a bit of my guard down, allowing myself to release things I was so accustomed to keeping inside.

We all need to open up and rely on others to encourage us that we are great sometimes, to believe that what we’re doing is worth it. It’s something that’s helped different areas of my life not just my career and personal self, but my relationship with others too. I’ve recognized that most of my setbacks and anxieties, the things I still need to work on, arise from the unknown. You know that feeling that certain things in your life aren’t moving quite as fast as you liked, or aren’t what you had thought. Well, let it go, let it all go…

 You are wonderful. If you want to be it, then just believe it, right now!

How are your 2016 goals coming along?? Seriously don’t stress resolutions or what you have yet to accomplish, if you’ve made one small change, like going to bed earlier, you should be proud of everything you’ve done so far. Plus you’ve still got 6 more months….Happy Friday all! 

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