Lemon Thyme Grilled Squid + Eggplant

Herb Roasted Squid + EggplantOne of my earliest food posts was actually one of my all time favorite dishes. It was just a regular Sunday, grilling, just my dad and I, but our meal became one I would never forget. I’d say this meal is for the more adventurous; you have to enjoy seafood, especially squid. I love squid, grew up eating it, along with octopus before I can remember – roasted with lots of garlic and parsley for Christmas, or cut into rings sautéed, similar to calamari. J knows if there is any form of roasted octopus or squid on a restaurant’s menu that’s what I’ll be eating, I just love this stuff. But my favorite squid dishes are always the simplest, the ones that require a few light ingredients and tons of fresh herbs. Squid has such a distinct seafood taste, it doesn’t need too much preparation or heavy seasoning, especially since it cooks pretty quickly too. Herb Roasted Squid + EggplantSo back to this squid that is my favorite. It wasn’t a restaurant dish but made by one great cook, my dad. Even years ago when he first cooked this dish I couldn’t quite describe the amazing flavor, nor the exact recipe for his dish. But the sauce, a quick and simple butter, lemon and garlic sauce the squid marinates in and then gets covered with once grilled, that’s what makes this dish. It’s everything I could want in a summer grilled meal. Once grilling season started this year, squid was all I craved. It’s something quite special to enjoy, so I saved it until Father’s Day to enjoy once again with my dad. Herb Roasted Squid + EggplantWe have an endless array of herbs growing throughout our garden, which means I’ve been using a melody of them in just about everything I cook. Last year, I created these staple grilling sauces that are chock full of fresh herbs, and perfect to keep on hand for grilling meat, fish and vegetables this summer. Lemon thyme is my favorite, and tends to be my go-to, especially fish. It brings a delectable freshness to any ingredient. Since I was doing the cooking this Father’s Day, I wanted to do a rendition of my father’s squid dish. Instead of his butter sauce, I made one of my summer grilling sauces with lemon, tarragon, parsley, and cilantro.Herb Roasted Squid + Eggplant Marinate the squid a few minutes, it just makes sure you get even more of those delicious flavors. When grilling squid, treat it like shrimp, they cook up really quickly and are done once they’re no longer opaque, their edges have curled and have gotten slightly charred. Herb Roasted Squid + EggplantI paired the grilled squid with eggplant, another one of those vegetables I’m constantly grilling and seasoning with whatever herb I’m feeling that day and this day, all they needed was a good brushing of the same lemon thyme sauce. An extra sprinkling of chopped parsley, squeeze of lemon juice and dash of paprika, completed this scrumptious, and may I say gourmet, grilled summer meal. I can’t say this squid dish can quite compete with my father’s, but it’s still really delicious. Herb Roasted Squid + Eggplant

If you’re having a small 4th of July gathering or you’ve got serious foodies in your circle, then I highly suggest you make this grilled squid. It’s one of those dishes that are so simple, but very impressive when served to guests. And okay, it’s 4th of July, the all-American holiday, but can we think beyond the typical hamburger and hot dog? Okay, maybe this vegetarian isn’t one to shoot down classic summer dishes, but I am also the girl that served up grilled lobsters at my last 4th of July party. But seriously, the next time you’re wanting a restaurant quality summer dish, grab some squid, heat up your grill and make this spread…

Herb Roasted Squid + Eggplant

Lemon Thyme Grilled Squid + Eggplant

Ingredients {Serves 3}

Lemon Thyme Grilling Sauce, recipe here

6 medium to large – Whole Squids

2 medium or 1 large – Eggplant {sliced into 1/2″ rounds}


Handful Fresh Herbs of your choice


Heat your grill outside. Marinate the squids and eggplant rounds in the herb sauce a few minutes. Grill the eggplant, until soft and slightly charred {about 3 to 4 minutes on each side}. Place onto platter, garnish with fresh herbs, a drizzle of herb sauce and set aside.

Grill the squids until they are no longer opaque, the edges are curled and a bit charred {about 2 minutes on each side}. Place onto platter, finish with more herb sauce, fresh herbs and dash of paprika. Serve immediately.

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