Tassel Garland Cake Topper DIY

How To: Tassel Garland Cake TopperIf the dollar section of Target is the last thing you head to before leaving every time you’re there, than I’m totally with you. Seriously you find the best stuff! And one thing I always stock up on, is their fun paper straws. I have them in just about every color because you never know when they’ll come in handy. Not just for drinking, these colorful patterned paper straws are perfect for cake pops, and this festive tassel cake topper DIY!

Banner cake toppers are all the rage, as are tassels. You really can’t escape this trend, and how could you pass up on this adorable decor. It can make a plain store bought cake look fancy, or a traditional 3-tiered wedding cake whimsically unique. Not only is this a super simple DIY cake topper, but it will cost you pennies. And I am all for making parties look pretty and festive, but simple and inexpensive too.

Since my cake decorating style is simple, mostly naked, adorned with fresh flowers or piped buttercream rosettes, this tassel garland topper is my go-to for birthdays. How To: Tassel Garland Cake TopperSo, here’s how to create a fun tassel garland cake topper for your next celebration cake…IMG_1407You’ll Need

  • Paper Straws or Bamboo Cake Skewers
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper, in varying colors 
  • Ruler

How To: Tassel Garland Cake TopperCut the tissue paper into about 4″ x 3″ rectangles, don’t worry if they’re not exact.

Fold in half, and cut strips to fringe cut, leaving about 1/2″ uncut border at the folded end. IMG_1401Open the fringe cut rectangle, so the cut ends are horizontal. Fold rectangle in half towards you, then fold in half another three or four times. Twist the center, then fold and twist to make a loop. Trim tassel ends evenly. IMG_1402Cut about a 30″ piece of twine. Leave a 3″ end of twine and loop and tie tightly around top of straw.

String tassels onto the twine. Twist the tassel loop tightly onto the twine to secure in desired place. Tie the other end of twine onto the straw, leaving a 3″ end. IMG_1406And that’s it! You have a super cute cake topper that you can customize with any colors to fit any celebration! How To: Tassel Garland Cake Topper

3 thoughts on “Tassel Garland Cake Topper DIY

  1. This is so cute!!! I wish I saw this a long time ago. It would have added the perfect touch to my daughter’s birthday cake. I just followed your blog, I love your ideas. I’d love for you to visit my blog 🙂


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