I’m Loving…

I'm Loving...My summer of music continues this weekend, because I’m finally, FINALLY, going to see Coldplay!! They have pretty much been one of my all time favorite bands ever since I first began to fall deeply in love with music, so I’m pretty excited to see them during their expected last tour {say it ain’t so}. I’m still crossing my fingers they get enough votes to headline Firefly next year, because you know I’ll be there……..but on a very serious side note, I have pretty much nothing else to day before the weekend because my heart is extremely heavy. Between all the tragic events that happened in our country last week, I still haven’t been able to find the right words or feelings about everything that has been going on. After hearing of the awful attacks yesterday in France during Bastille day festivities, I simply broke down mentally. I have so many emotions running through my head, and can’t seem to gather them together. I debated postponing this post, because it seemed almost irrelevant but when there is so much sadness going on, I couldn’t cave into the hatred, I had to spread some sort of pretty, something to remind us that there is so much more good in the world. So with that, I hope you cherish your weekend.

Aren’t balloons getting more prettier and fun, just look how they make this wedding ceremony pop! via Apartment Therapy

Isn’t this draping at The Butcher’s Daughter one of the prettiest and unique ceiling installations! via 100 Layer Cake

I loved Stephanie’s bachelorette party, I loved it more because she coined it her pre-wifey fiesta. Can we start calling all bach parties pre-wifey celebrations! via Stephanie Sterjovski

I’ve finally got my set of crystals, and stumbled upon this gifting service which customizes crystal gift boxes for any special occasion. Perfect bridal gifts for boho weddings! via Little Box of RocksI'm Loving...A DIY backyard Connect Four game. via Andrea’s Notebook

Loving this color combination. via

Sure swan pool floaties are fun, but this ice cream cone is perfect for me. via Shopbop

Because motherhood is an exceptionally special thing and these personal storybooks are the most beautiful keepsakes of it.  via My Motherhood StorybookI'm Loving...This might possibly be the tiniest bathroom, but this remodel not only transforms into a beautiful little space, but it’s functional too! via Apartment Therapy



Okay it’s decided, my next US weekend trip I’m going to Charleston and Savannah. via Gal Meets Glam

It may sound counterintuitive to eat hot soup during the summer, but I still crave it and when there’s plenty of summer squash, it sounds like the perfect light recipe to make. via Naturally Ella

This mango melon sorbet sounds like the best way to cool off this summer. via Camille Styles

Clean Bandit has a new one just out, and it’s so good!

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