Melon Cucumber + Mint Salad

Melon Cucumber + Mint SaladAfter a two long days teaching children’s cooking class parties, my week started off feeling out of whack. Wednesday already, like what? What hasn’t changed, is this heat wave. It’s definitely been scorching hot but it’s summer after all, and you can expect a hot and humid one here in NJ. But I am not complaining whatsoever, even during those days the air is so thick you can barely breathe. Yes, I love them too because I just love the heat, and let’s face it, we get more cold days than warm, so this hot weather loving gal will take as much of it as I can get. The downside of this heavy heat, it often leaves us not wanting to cook, especially meals that require us to spend more time than we’d like to over the stove or turning on a oven that heats up the whole house. So, summer naturally becomes the season for salads.Melon Cucumber + Mint SaladI have been eating my fair share of vegetables and fruits, and fruits and vegetables and them all mixed together. It’s the other thing I love about this season, the abundance of amazing and delicious fresh produce available. My garden has been brimming with veggies, finally, especially cucumbers, and they’re one of my favorites to eat come summertime. They’re so refreshing cut up as a mid-afternoon snack, in water or cocktails, and paired with fruits. You haven’t tried cucumbers with fruit, what are you waiting for? Because they pair exceptionally delicious with sweet ripened cantaloupe. Melon Cucumber + Mint SaladCucumbers and melons are closely related, which is why their flavor and texture go so well together. To bump up the freshness of these ingredients, mint. Don’t underestimate mint in savory dishes, it’s what makes this radish salad one of my favorites. Sure a drizzle of great olive oil is the perfect dressing, but since I’ve been using these pestos on just about everything, this earthy lemon thyme pesto was the perfect seasoning. Melon Cucumber + Mint SaladDon’t you just feel cool looking at this salad. I really love the colors, the subtle bright green and oranges, it’s just so pretty. It makes for a great, quick salad when you just don’t feel like making food, but also a delicious and unique first course for summer entertaining. Finish it off with roasted pistachios or shaved cheese, like a tangy Manchego. An appetizer and dessert all in one dish.

So the next time you’re feeling too hot and bothered to make food, just cut up some chilled cucumbers and melon, for a tastier, and not so boring salad. Writing this has me craving another bowl of this summer salad. Melon Cucumber + Mint Salad

Melon Cucumber + Mint Salad 

Ingredients {Serves 1}

1 cup – Cantaloupe {cut into 1/2″ pieces}

1 cup – English Cucumber {peeled + cut into 1/2″ pieces}

Small handful fresh Mint, thinly sliced

1 tablespoon – Lemon Thyme Pesto {recipe here or use your favorite store bought}

Fresh Ground Black Pepper, to taste


In a bowl, combine the melon, cucumber, fresh mint, pesto and ground pepper. Place onto a platter and serve.

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