My Society6 Shop

My Society6 ShopThis post is a short and sweet one. Have you heard of Society6, I’m sure you have, but if you haven’t it’s a great online collection of artists from all over the world, from professionals to passionate creatives like myself. You’ll find beautiful art that comes in the form of framed prints, phone cases, pillows, clothes and much more. So two years I decided I needed to do something with the hundreds, close to a few thousand, photographs I’ve taken over the years. I have been to some awesome places around the world and have really improved my photography skills in recent years, and in turn I’ve grown to love some images as much as artworks I would purchase. My collection is still small, and could use some editing, but they are all images that I myself have framed in my home because I do really love them. And since most were taken on some amazing travels, they always bring back fond memories when I see them. Which is why I wanted to share these pieces with you too!

I have so many more photos I have to go through and edit because I’ve fallen in love with them again and want to showcase them. So stay tuned for more photographs, and even some art coming to my little Society6 shop. In the meantime, hope you enjoy a snippet of my collectionMy Society6 Shop“Cherry Blossom”My Society6 Shop“Peony”My Society6 Shop“Tulip”My Society6 Shop“Nazare”My Society6 Shop“Crystal Waters”My Society6 Shop“Tulum Colors”My Society6 Shop“Jamaican Sunset”

Top photo, “Juliet”

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