New York City Sailing


New York City SailingI’ve realized over the years, that I’ve developed many of the sane characteristics and interests from my father. One of the major would be our love of nature, especially water. As beach lovers, I often wake up and tag along with my father for his before sunrise beach days. My father loves the ocean, while I love the lake just a bit more, but we both love sailing and being on boats. Since I was a little girl, I can remember going sailing with him during summers in Wildwood, and always trying to get on one that allowed me to see the Dolphins I so desperately wanted. Oh, he made sure I saw my dolphins!

He’s my snorkel and caving swimming companion on vacations, so this father’s day/birthday, I needed to take my father onto the water, and experience a bit of New York City the way I love to, come summertime.IMG_2459Sailing around NYC has been J and I’s thing. This past Sunday with my parents was actually our third time sailing around the city. Our first time was actually postponed because of my knee surgery, so last year we were finally able to board the Clipper City for a beer tasting. It was a cloudy Saturday, and we weren’t really sure the rain would hold up for us to even go, but it did!

We met some really cool people experiencing this fun activity for the first time, locals like us and tourists who happened to have heard about the sail while their stay in the city. Plus, we got to taste some really great local Brooklyn beers!

We loved how we got to see parts of NYC and NJ we wouldn’t have been otherwise, and for J, never have been to the Statue of Liberty {I know!!} he was able to sail close by Lady Liberty. For two hours you sail the NYC harbor waters, far off from its hectic city vibes.

Manhattan by Sail’s harbor is located in a great part of the city too, right at Battery Park, walking distance from World Trade Center, and South Street Seaport. Our first time we headed to South Street Seaport since Smorgasburg was having it’s Saturday pop-up. We enjoyed our first lobster roll of the season, and it was so good! What I love most about South Street seaport is it reminds me of the Quincy Market area in Boston. It’s one of my fave spots in downtown Boston, a place my cousin and I roam every year when we go up for our annual Patriots football game.

So when I can, I love coming to this waterfront cobblestone, brick house corner of NYC. This time around we headed to a restaurant away from the seaport’s center square, to a street you could peak and see the Brooklyn bridge. What did I have, why what do you think? Yes, another lobster roll!New York City SailingFor our second Clipper City sail, J and I went onboard to enjoy my summer love of lobster rolls. We got a great deal on their Tuesday Lobster Roll sail, with rolls made to order by Luke’s Lobsters. Luke’s Lobster is one of my favorite restaurants, so of course this sail still ranks as one of the best! Not only because we got to eat some darn good delicious lobster rolls, but this evening sail was perfect for sunset gazing. The sky colored with pastel blues and purples, then bright golden oranges, it was just a stunning backdrop for the city.

New York City SailingThis past weekend we boarded the Shearwater, and it was actually my first time on this sail on a really clear day. The weather was perfect for sailing, warm but a cool breeze whipped through, making it just right for a birthday sail for a nautical loving man. The sun was so bright that morning, it made all the endlessly tall skyscrapers reflect and shine so magically. It looked so pretty as we were sailing away, and then coming back to dock again. Not a cloud to dampen our day, instead rich blue skies filled our views.

IMG_2473New York City SailingIf you happen to find yourself in the NYC surrounding area within April and October, I highly suggest you make some time to sail Manhattan. Sailing NYC has become one of my favorite activities every summer season, because no matter the time of day or week, every time it’s a totally new and fun experience. It’s definitely a great way to see New York City in another light. New York City Sailing

New York City SailingNew York City SailingHaving been to the World Trade Center Memorial numerous times, it didn’t occur to me, that although I had gone a few times already last year, that my father hadn’t yet been to the memorial area. It had been a few months since I used the station and been to the area, so I was surprised how the newly opened mall and interiors looked. And WOW! It’s seriously stunning and beautiful. It was so nice to see that area that had long looked like a construction maze, was finally completed.

My dad had a great time, and since we weren’t able to get away this summer as a family, it was the perfect weekend being tourists near our hometown. Happy birthday Dad, may we sail more oceans and lakes, and veer off even more beaten paths to get the right photograph. New York City Sailing

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