Inspiring Words

Inspiring WordsIt’s been some time since I’ve share an Inspiring Words post, since January to be exact. And I will say that I miss them. It’s not that I haven’t been short of quotes that have inspired me, the contrary, I just haven’t gotten the chance to design them. Since I’ve been fine tuning my calligraphy and lettering skills, I’ve been finally putting some of those favorite sayings to script and paper. Earlier this week, the quote on my morning tea were these beautiful words by Lord Byron. It isn’t a literal, in your face, motivational quote, but the lovely words are grouped together simply and empowering.

It’s been a busy last two weeks, and I’m headed into the busiest yet. This quote encouraged and motivated me to feel good about all the work I’ve been putting into not only this upcoming wedding but into Dreamery Events. I don’t know if other entrepreneurs, small business owners or bloggers feel the same, but it can be discouraging sometimes to go off on your own, start your own business, against other’s hesitation to not just stick to a job. But I knew I always wanted to create a career for myself, a place I loved waking up to and doing until late hours at night. And although, I’ve been taking it on the slower track, while having a part-time job, I feel proud of what I’ve been accomplishing, and all the good that’s been coming the Dreamery’s way. I think that’s the only thing I’m looking forward to come fall, I’ve got some great things coming on the business front that I can wait to bring to fruition.

There are still a few final pieces to put together before the wedding this weekend, but I’m looking forward to seeing the bride and groom, and how everything they have envisioned come together, it’s going to be great! Since there are a few more things to get done in just a few days, there might be just one more post this week. But I’ll be back the following week, with plenty of inspiration, how to’s, recipes, and loveliness! Have a lovely last week of August!

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