Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry

Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery Events I’m so happy about these warm weekends still gracing us on the east coast, did you make it outside or were you indoors watching football? Well, it’s Monday and we’re kicking off the week with loads of pretty jewelry, and tackling bridal party gifts that are as thoughtful as they are chic, and as wearable as they are special as your beautiful ladies. Let’s be real, depending on the size of your bridal party, finding just the right gift to show appreciation to these special ladies for their lifelong friendship, support of your relationship, and all their assistance leading up to your big day, may be a difficult challenge.

Jewelry is an always-popular choice for bridal party gifts, because not only does it allow you to pick pieces to fit your wedding style, it’s the kind of stylish gift that your bridesmaids, mothers, and flower girls, can wear on the big day and cherish everyday after. Enter, Alef Bet Jewelry, unique jewelry gifts your bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, and flowers girls will LOVE. Alef Bet features the loveliest jewelry for your minimalist maid or your diamond loving mother. Their collection offers an array of eye-catching pieces to fit any personality and wedding style, giving you endless possibilities while being budget friendly! Each design holds a spiritual and personal meaning, making them extra special gifts.

From the chic Gold Round Disk Necklace to the sparkly  Diamond Heart, I’ve taken the headache out of choosing bridal party gifts for you and have rounded up my favorite jewelry for your special ladies. Without further ado, check out all the pretty pieces below…

On the morning of the wedding, the night before or at your shower, gift your bridal party with these pretty gifts they can cherish forever! 

Let’s start off by gifting everyone rings, because why not? The Infinity Bands are a minimalist dream, but they really are the perfect finger accessory for any wedding. They come in both gold and silver. I keep eyeing these beauties for myself!

Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery Events

The Starbust Earrings, are one of my favorites. They are just the right amount of dainty and pretty, making them versatile enough for any style wedding. What bridesmaid wouldn’t want a pair of these? For a even personal touch when gifting it, pair it with this quote..“Your friendship is as bright as a million stars in the sky. Sparkling and bright, is how you make me feel on this day.” Your bridesmaids will definitely feel loved.

Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery Events

Go totally minimalist chic with the Round Disk Necklace. I love this piece so much, because it’s identical to the necklace I wear every single day, so it’s definitely a gift I can see your ladies rocking daily too. Often times a simple necklace can seem impersonal, but that’s why I love this necklace, you can engrave it with each bridesmaid’s initial for a modern take on the classic monogram.

Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery EventsThis style also comes in a square version too, with their equally pretty Gold English Letter Necklace or Heart Gold Necklace with the loveliest heart cutout. Each lovely lady in a bridal party plays a special part in our big day, so instead of selecting the same pieces for all, it’s more thoughtful to choose a different piece that reflects each gal.

For the special mothers of the marrying couple, the Square Layering Necklace is the perfect piece to engrave both of your initials along with your wedding date. Prepare for tears when you gift this thoughtful piece. Mothers have done so much already, sometimes a simple necklace isn’t enough, but diamonds sure know how to say I love you. The stunning Diamond Disk or Mini Diamond Heart necklaces are sure to show moms just how much you love them, and are thankful for everything they’ve done for you and your dream wedding.
Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery EventsBridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery Events
Then there are those women who have taken significant roles in our lives, whether a grandmother, aunt or mentor, who need to be shown gratitude on your big day too. The Guardian Angel Bracelet is the perfect gift for those ladies who have watched and guided over you throughout the years.
Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery Events
And let’s not forget the adorable flower girls either. These young girls want to fit in with all the beautiful ladies too, so make them feel extra special with the Sparkling Heart Necklace. It’s a beautiful necklace they can grow with, maybe to even their big day.
Bridal Party Gifts with Alef Bet Jewelry | Dreamery Events

Your bridal party is going to need somewhere to keep their new favorite gifts too. A hand painted jewelry box, or sparkly clutch completes this beautiful gift from Alef Bet, while also keeping your gals organized on the day of the wedding.

Aren’t these jewelry pieces just the prettiest for your bridal party!

This post is brought to you by Alef Bet Jewelry, all opinions are those of the Dreamery. To learn more about Alef Bet Jewelry go here
Top image via Wedding Chicks

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