Autumn Goals

Autumn Goals | Dreamery Events

It’s officially Fall today! Okay, now pumpkins, and spiced lattes are somewhat acceptable in my book. But this new season does mark itself as a great time to re-evaluate your yearly goals, stay on track or even set new ones. Somehow September always feels like a fresh start doesn’t it? This season, although I’m working hard to achieve some business goals before the year’s done, I want to be sure I’m having fun too! I was pleasantly surprised I was able to enjoy my Spring and Summer while accomplishing most of my goals. The ones I didn’t get to, again, have just been put back onto this fall’s list. But honestly some of these items are ideal during autumn anyway.

So, to help celebrate the official start of Fall today, I’m sharing my bucket list for this season and have created this downloadable print for you! Print it out, frame it and don’t let Autumn slip by without doing the activities you enjoy and this season has to offer!

  1. Definitely want to do some weekend traveling to different states and discover new cities around me. This summer I didn’t have the chance to go away, so I’m beyond craving adventure and travel, I’m totally needing a change of scenery. I’m so happy  I’ll be kicking off the first weekend of fall in Lake George visiting my best friend, who I haven’t seen since her wedding over two years ago! There’s plenty of festivals happening in the next few months, including Octoberfests starting in weeks. But I’m most looking to head to Stone Barns, maybe even dine at Blue Hill, if we can get a reservation!
  2. FINALLY make seasonal homemade donuts. For years baked donuts have been on my list of things to make, but every time is gets pushed to the next season. But this autumn I’m definitely going to make a batch. I have to! Plus, donuts are much better experimented with during this season when everyone craves pumpkin and apple everything, and it feels good to turn on the oven and cozy up with a warm donut and some good books I’m looking to read. Or apple cider, because you know my mug will be full all season long.
  3. I’m planning on getting physically back outdoors, and adventuring. Having been off my knee for the last few months to rest up an aggravation, I haven’t been able to run, which for some reason stopped me from hiking more than twice this summer. So next the few months, since I’ve been feeling much better after been killing it during my dance workouts {at least I think so}, I’m going to enjoy being outside and the warm weather as long as I still can. I plan to slowly get back into running with short runs around my house, take Marley to some of our go-to trails, and then hopefully some longer hikes later in the season to catch the colors of the trees.
  4. I’m all about organizing, cleaning, and repurposing as of late. With a new season, it’s the perfect reason to clean out our closets, toss what is taking space, and bring new life to something old. I’m also itching to redecorate. I started slowly, and finally, by hanging up a painting of mine and repainting dark frames. I’m planning on tackling the task of finally framing and displaying a few family photographs that have lost their home over the years, just in time for the holidays. Recent client projects also has me inspired to bring in some new fabrics, patterns, colors and textures. Now that the weather is slowly bringing us indoors more, I see new corners in the house that I can’t wait to tackle with a good DIY!
  5. Get my fill of Autumn activities!
    1. By far, my favorite thing to do during fall, and I don’t say my only because I won’t be that harsh, is to go apple picking and bake lots of pies! Of course pie is involved, and I love that this is my busy season. My freezer is filling up with pie doughs all ready for your orders! Last year, I went apple picking twice, let’s see how many times I can rally up pounds of apples.
    2. I don’t usually pick many pumpkins, the ones that end up coming home with me are the three most adorable or prettiest colored. I don’t carve pumpkins so I can’t wait to paint some this year, and have some ideas that will make pumpkin decorating anything but kitschy. They’re the kind of sophisticated fall DIY’s that you’ll want to showcase at your Thanksgiving table. And yes, I’m already thinking that far ahead.
    3. Although, I’m dreading the thought of trees turning brown and dropping all their leaves, I do enjoy seeing the rainbow of bright colors that do emerge briefly here on the North East. I’m planning on making one of my fall hikes one to bring my camera and shoot all of nature’s prettiness.
    4. Decorate with plenty of foraged greens and foliage. One of my favorite things to do during autumn when I was living in AZ was foraging. There were so many beautiful berry bushes and flowing vines, it’s the kind of florals I love for this time of year. I’m still fine tuning my Thanksgiving table scape, but I can already tell it’s going to be my favorite yet.

Yes, my autumn bucket list is short and sweet. The things I plan on doing are quite simple, but they’re ones that bring me joy, and I need lots of joy as we head into seasons I still haven’t grown to enjoy. I’m also planning on reworking some things with Dreamery Events, including some holiday projects I can’t wait to share with you in the next few weeks!

What are you favorite things to do during Autumn? I love to hear new ways to enjoy the season!

Print created by Dreamery Events. You’re more than welcome to share this image, just please make sure to give credit where due. Thanks!

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