I’m Loving…

It’s the first weekend of autumn, and here in New Jersey, it looks to be one as beautiful as the beginning of spring. Now that’s my way starting fall. Yes, I think I’m the only person not excited about the changing season, or trees losing their bright green color, or pumpkin spice lattes. I KNOW, I actually couldn’t care less about eating pumpkin anything. Okay, I’ll stop my negative rant on fall, but I am planning on still enjoying this new season, even if it’s not my favorite. And I’m kicking off my autumn bucket list by going away for the weekend to one of my favorite places, Lake George. I still can’t believe it’s been two and half years since being there for my best friend’s wedding. I’m really looking forward to seeing her, being on the lake and surrounded by lots of green trees! It’s exactly the little getaway I needed.

Are you spending your weekend filled with lots of fall activities?

I'm Loving... | Dreamery EventsThis wedding’s bow tie bar is such a fun and unique touch!

This floral backdrop is everything! Isn’t it just the chicest inspiration for Autumn?

I don’t know what it is about this bridal shower, but I’m feeling totally inspired by all its amazing cacti, especially for fall.

I’m styling an enchanted woodland 1st birthday this winter, and I’ve been enjoying my time researching *err pinning* so much prettiness, like this forest fairytale.

Not pictured, but lately I’ve had this thing with crystals, in all kinds of styles. Isn’t this bridal headpiece by Emma Katz Bridal stunning?

I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events One of my goals, okay not really a goal, is to see how long into fall I can go just wearing dresses. Thankfully I’ve got plenty of pieces in just the right deep shades that transition perfectly with layers.

I’ve fallen in love with Artisan Stone Tiles, I mean just look at the stunning backsplash piece, it reminds of Portugal’s beautiful hand painted tiles.

I’m not craving hearty foods just yet, but this veggie enchilada pie looks just perfect for lazy Sundays.

My mind is drifting off to this lovely hotel in Portugal, and I’ve already put it on my list of must visit the next time I’m there.

I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events These chic DIY marble place cards will make you think “why didn’t I think of that,” I know I did.

I always breaks my heart to throw out dying flowers, I love Cara for finding beauty in waste to make colorful clothing.

A hotel with no walls, just mountains and open skies. Where do I make my reservation??

Let’s quit competing with one another, bullying or trying to bring others down. In today’s world, we need each other’s encouragement.

I can’t get enough of Leon’s infectious beat. This song just makes me want to move.

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