My Housewarming Gift Essentials

My Housewarming Gift Essentials | Dreamery EventsI love a good homemade gift, no matter the occasion, but especially when congratulating a loved one on a new place. If you have the opportunity to put a smile on someone who is going through the frustrating process of moving, than do it. And what’s better than being in your new home or apartment and being gifted items that welcome you to your new space. I love curating gift baskets with different smaller items that the new homeowners can enjoy right away like a comforting banana bread when all that unpacking stops them from baking, a nice candle to fill the home with pretty scents, a plant to bring new life in, and a bottle of wine to kick back and reward yourself for unpacking, are all things anyone will enjoy.My Housewarming Gift Essentials | Dreamery EventsYou can totally customize the items to their likely along with a bit of your own touch, say a DIY a personalized tray. But when life is too demanding you don’t have the time to make everything in your basket, which is why I keep these favorite items in mind when putting together a housewarming basket. Like I said, it’s better to gift items the new homeowners will enjoy, and not specific style pieces, you’re not sure will even go with their decor aesthetic.My Housewarming Gift Essentials | Dreamery EventsEveryday Essentials…Everyone needs dish soap, but make a typical store bought cleaning brand special with a pretty scent, it will making washing dishes a bit more enjoyable. Pair with some neutral, but lovely, dish towels.

Pretty Scents…Candles, well that’s a given. Choose scents that are subtle, since smells are one thing people can be sensitive to. I like to select candles that are also in pretty containers; whether a unique shaped clear vase or a pretty printed tin to later use as storage. My Housewarming Gift Essentials | Dreamery EventsA Good Bottle of Wine…The item that is always a great housewarming gift, even if on it’s own, is a good bottle of wine. I tend to select a bottle that I personally enjoy, but if they’re not wine drinkers, choose a liquor or beer that they prefer. My Housewarming Gift Essentials | Dreamery Events Homemade Baked Goods…My favorite thing to include, even if everything else was store bought, is a homemade banana bread. And why particularly banana bread, well I haven’t ever met someone who didn’t enjoy this comforting delicious dessert, this recipe is quick and easy to make. Make one thing in your housewarming, and there’s nothing better than getting homemade baked goods. Cookies, muffins and granola also make great housewarming baked goods. If baking isn’t your thing, you can mix your own spices together, bake up croutons, or pick up the new homeowner’s favorite treats.

My Housewarming Gift Essentials | Dreamery EventsAll wrapped in a basket, this is an easy and beautiful gift to deliver to loved ones  transitioning into a new home…

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