I’m Loving…

Okay, seriously what is up with time lately? Is it go by with turbo speed, or is it just me, but it feels like I was sharing my loves just yesterday, and not two weeks ago. Whoa! And yet I feel like I haven’t been overly productive, yet have been so busy. Have I overloaded with too much? But there are been so many ideas inspiring me, and the holidays coming up fast, I’m putting the final touches on a few projects I’ve been working out and I can’t wait to share them with you. With that, seems like a perfect last few days are going to turn into another wash out weekend, so glad we picked our apples earlier this week. But more importantly I hope those in Hurricane Mathew’s way stay safe. I on the other hand, will be staying in getting creative and finishing these projects, and catching up on television, or most likely Hallmark Movies. A pie is definitely in order, maybe even some ice cream…What are you weekend plans? Movies and snacks, reading a good book, or catching the premier of Girl on the Train…..

I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events I loved everything about this wedding. The gorgeous bride’s look and flower crown, the picturesque mountain background, but mostly I loved every single second of their sweet video. You must check it out!

Just discovered Hannah Jane’s natural handmade soaps, I can see these being great holiday gifts, but her minis are just adorable for party favors!

If I was to do Halloween, it would be festive and sophisticated like Eden’s movie night.

Whiskey tasting and pretty naked cakes, where is my invite for this bachelorette bash.

I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events I’m absolutely loving Kathleen Whitaker’s jewelry, especially this modern and ultra chic take on a gold hoop.

My goal is to wear dresses as long as the weather permits, but once the weather chills up even more you’ll find me in my uniform of wide leg pants and oversized cardigans.

The prettiest patterned tile.

Erin Ireland’s kitchen is my pantry dream.

I'm Loving... | Dreamery EventsHow beautiful is this copper leaf cake topper, and it’s a DIY!

After indulging in freshly baked apple cider donuts on the farm, these donuts covered in salted caramel have me really excited for fall flavors.

The most adorable Madeline costume, I’m considering being the adult version of.

The power of aromatherapy goes way beyond just smelling nice, it can perk you up more than a cup of coffee.

Honorary Love : I’m starting to crave warm comfort food, but I’m always looking for ways to make meals healthier. I can see myself eating this roasted spaghetti squash and mushrooms plenty this season.

When days have been gloomy more than sunny, I’ve been relying on fun dance beats to get me through the day, and Matt Simons’ “Catch and Release” is one I can’t get enough of lately…

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