NJ Farm Wedding Venues & Fall Activities

NJ Farm Wedding Venues & Fall Activities | Dreamery EventsI am loving all your apple and pumpkin picking photographs? Isn’t it nice to leave the craziness of cities, and life, and head to the farm to enjoy quintisential Fall. Apples reign supreme this season, especially in October, and not just because it’s National Apple Month, but this is their peak fruit bering season.

Heading to the farm and orchards is probably my favorite, if not only, thing I enjoy about this season. Half my life has practically been on a farm woodland in Portugal. Yes, that’s what I call farms surrounded by forests and far off mountains. It sounds dreamy doesn’t it?! It sounds like just the most perfect place to get married. I’m a sucker for an al fresco wedding, especially one in a forest, vineyard or farm. You can’t beat having so much natural beauty as the backdrop of your wedding. Yes always a risk, as weather can be unpredictable, but most farm weddings can easily accommodate with barns and grand tents. Now that is dreamy!

NJ Farm Wedding Venues & Fall Activities | Dreamery Eventsimage via Ashford Estate

Since this is one of the best times of year to get outdoors to your local farms, I’ve rounded up my favorite New Jersey wedding outdoor venues. Some of you may be thinking farmland in New Jersey? Well you’d be seriously wrong, head just an hour away from my New York City area, you’ll find forests, farms, and vineyards. Did you know we produce the most blueberries too? Each new season brings fun things to do, but fall is one of the most popular time for outdoor activities, and nature loving weddings.

I’ve rounded up my favorite NJ farm and outdoor venues, including ones that offer plenty to do with family and friends during Fall too…

Brookmill Farm

Brookmill Farm is not just a farm, it’s also a beautiful secret garden with a dreamy pond and pretty bridges atop streams. Their colonial cottage are your house dreams, and it accommodates you and overnight guests. So why not make it a little wedding weekend getaway in NJ. Definitely a great way to have a mini vacation, without going far. And if nature does interrupt your walk down the aisle, Brookmill has a grand clear tent that makes you feel like you are still surrounded by all the trees and roses. After doing my research of NJ wedding venues, this was by far my favorite wedding space of all. I steer away from the traditional NJ ballroom venues, mostly because I’d rather be outside and they all somewhat look the same. But Brookmill Farm has both, a beautiful outdoor space and indoor option.

Located in Bernardsville, NJ
Images via Brookmill Farm

Crossed Keys Estate & Inn ***

Crossed Keys Estate isn’t a farm, but it is one of the most beautiful garden spaces I’ve seen in the state. It’s an enchanting natural gem with magnificent trees, ponds and streams. But it sold me at an English rose garden with over 1000 Dahlias, can we say heaven! I already can’t wait for spring and summer next year so that I can experience Crossed Keys in person. It’s got plenty of rustic al fresco spaces, including a fire pit perfect for roasting marshmallows. And it can accommodate a weekend wedding too, with The Inn offering 10 guest rooms. But the focal point, would definitely be the Big Tent with a high cathedral draped ceiling.

Located in Andover, NJ
Images via @crossedkeysestate

Ashford Estate

With hundreds of acres of farmland to explore, this estate is anything but rustic, it’s a regal barn style ballroom with tall windows overlooking beautiful gardens and romantic fountains. It reminds me so much a historical Southern estate. The barn chapel, it’s gorgeous. It’s what made me fall in love with this venue. It’s a rustic dream in white! It also allows for outside catering and vendors, which is really accommodating when wanting to add personal touches.

Located in Allentown, New Jersey
Images via Ashford Estate

Alstede Farms

NJ Farm Wedding Venues & Fall Activities | Dreamery Events This is our go to farm each year for picking. It’s vast with plenty of different orchards, sunflower and pumpkin patches, festive corn mazes, the perfect open nature to enjoy fall outdoors and celebrate a wedding. I’ve visited while birthday have been going on, but they can accommodate weddings too! How does being sent off with a harvest moon hayride. These are all also daily activities Alstede Farmers offers those coming to picking apples, along with wine tastings!

Located in Chester, New Jersey *A Fall Activity Must Do*
Image via Alstede Farms

The Mountain Lakes House

NJ Farm Wedding Venues & Fall Activities | Dreamery Events The Mountain Lakes House with its classic Cape Cod design sits alongside the picturesque and tranquil lake, nestled within acres of the Preserve. pond views surrounded by acres of trees within Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve.

Located in Princeton, New Jersey
Image via The Mountain Lakes House

Peony’s Envy

It has peony in its name, of course this was making my list! Guys, Peony’s Envy is an actual flower nursery and display garden, could it be anymore perfect for an outdoor wedding. A wedding right at the peak of peony season, now that is just romantic.  If you’re looking for a truly special, exclusive, and magnificent location for your wedding, this is it. The only downfall is that events only take place during the peony bloom from May 1 through June 15, so book it now!

Located in Bernardsville, New Jersey *A Spring Activity Must Do*
Image via Peony’s Envy

Perona Farms**

This is one of my favorite NJ venues, it is a 1930’s dairy barn that has been transformed into a rustic and elegant wedding venue. It’s got beautiful grounds throughout five special spots you can say “I Do”.  It’s fully air conditioned and heated, making it perfect all year round. It also offers a more traditional ballroom space if a barn isn’t quite the look you’re going for.

Located in Andover, New Jersey
Image via Perona Farms Instagram

Appel Farm

Located on 117 acres of open fields and woods, Appel Farm Arts & Music Center offers a rustic and unique setting for your wedding! You can make it official under the vaulted ceiling of the Pavilion, located perfectly for the sunset atop the woods. You can’t make it a weekend too! An extra day to celebrate love and the families joining with bonfires, and fun games.

Located in, New Jersey *A Fall Activity Must Do*
Image via Appel Farm

Bear Path ***

Bear Path is a unique property located in the hills of Blairstown, NJ. It has 63 beautiful acres, that are privately owned but available for weddings. You can say “I do” along the lazy river, sip champagne around the rustic gazebo, and experience enchanting views of the open meadows and woodsy backdrop that is northwest New Jersey.

Located in Blairstown, New Jersey
Image via Bear Path

Born to Run ***

Born to Run Farm is a 130 acre property on top of Schooley’s Mountain overlooking the Appalachian’s, is available for daily event rentals all year round. You can spot ponds, an orchard, and multiple fields with various types of livestock. With so much open space, your wedding guests will have plenty of room to mingle and have fun with games, activities, or relax in several lounge areas. And when you book an event with Born to Run Farm, all your guests have access to everything on the grounds including the animal sanctuary, bee keeping, mountain biking, hiking, gardening, and fishing. Now that sounds like the perfect NJ Fall staycation wedding weekend!

Located in Glen Gardener, New Jersey
Images via Born to Run

DiMeo Blueberry Farms**

DiMeo Blueberry Farms is a gorgeous NJ farm wedding venue that offers a truly original scenic nature location. Is there anything more romantic than celebrating love between the stars amongst endless rows of blueberries? You and guests can spend the day before or after, relaxing and touring the different varieties of blueberries, as well as the lovely Hammonton Creek. A blueberry farm is definitely a one of kind wedding, and perfect for early summer when blueberries reach their peak picking point. Aside from plenty of fruit picking fun, a wedding at DiMeo offers picturesque panoramic views of berry fields, tall cedar trees, and the most romantic outdoor celebration.

Located in Hammonton, New Jersey *A Spring Activity Must Do*
Images via DiMeo Bluberry Farms

The Inn at Fernbrook Farms***

The Inn at Fernbrook Farms is a very unique and gorgeous wedding venue located in the heart of New Jersey’s farmland. The beautiful 1750 Georgian Manor House sits at the heart grounds and is yours to openly create the farm wedding of your dreams. With beautiful natural landscape backdrops and grounds, Fernbrook Farms is one of loveliest outdoor venues for a small wedding nestled amongst the flowering bushes or a grand tented affair amongst the changing fall trees. Did I mention its menu is based on a farm to table concept, so you know the ingredients in your food will be delicious!

Located in Chesterfield, NJ
Images via The Inn at Fernbrook Farms

The Pond at TripleBrook

The Pond at TripleBrook is an elegant, al fresco venue offering modern details within a historic rustic barn. Exchange your vows underneath the pergola alongside the pond the party the night away between two grand silos overlooking beautiful and colorful rolling fields. It’s not your typical farm wedding venue, its tented cathedral ceilings offers a touch of tradition in a rustic nature setting. Looking to spend your special day surrounded by nature’s beauty, look no further than The Pond at TripleBrook.

Located in Blairstown, NJ
Images via The Pond at TripleBrook

The Prallsville Mills**

The Prallsville Mills is the perfect outdoor location for a quintessential fall wedding. It is a beautiful historical property, in the center of New Jersey scenic forests. It’s become a popular site for weekend weddings that are choosing to go away and make a few days of it but stay close to home. The Saw Mill, has been beautifully restored to its 1750 condition, and serves as a unique photo backdrop at your wedding. There’s something a bit magical about Prallsville Mills. Its historic buildings and scenic nature grounds create a sophisticated yet rustic atmosphere, perfect for outdoor weddings. Imagine all those trees in different shades of reds, oranges, and yellows come fall.

Located in Stockton, New Jersey
Images via The Prallsville Mills

Rode’s Barn **

This whimsical white barn dates back to 1940 and was built by the Rode family for a poultry wholesale business. Now with bright green details it’s become a lovely rustic barn for weddings. It’s definitely the perfect outdoor location for couple looking for something unique and one of a kind for their wedding.

Located in Swedesboro, New Jersey
Images via Rode’s Barn

Sterlingbrook Farm ***

Sterlingbrook Farm’s newly renovated barn on its beautiful 175 acres, is the perfect setting for your upcoming outdoor wedding. It is surrounded by breathtaking views of rolling hills of trees giving the atmosphere the tranquility of a serene countryside. A wedding set here is sure to be romantic and unforgettably beautiful!

Located in Pittstown, New Jersey
Images via Sterlingbrook Farm

Unionville Vineyards

NJ Farm Wedding Venues & Fall Activities | Dreamery EventsNew Jersey is more known for its shore and over the top attitude, but majority of the state is made up of forests and farmland, including vineyards. Yes, New Jersey isn’t called the garden state for nothing. Come Fall, often the end of September to the end of October, vineyards take part in their harvest to make wine. As they prepare for next year’s wine, some vineyards will setup daily outdoor wine tastings, a perfect way to spend a fall day. Unionville Vineyards boasts breathtaking and serene views of New Jersey’s oldest vines. An enchanted fall vineyard wedding will be one you will never forget.

Located in Ringoes, New Jersey
Images via Unionville Vineyards

Waterloo Village

Waterloo Village isn’t just a forest or farm, or barn, it is an entire beautifully restored 19th century town. You can visit this on a daily basis with family and friends, but a school trip to this mock colonial town years ago is how I first heard of this nature gem. It’s a charming backdrop for a fall wedding. Say “I do” alongside the waters of the canal or walk down the aisle at the Village’s picturesque church. Your guests will enjoy sipping cocktails in the rustic, then head to the meeting house to dance the night away. Picture ending your wedding night in the warm glow of the outdoor firepit, roasting s’mores beneath the stunning star filled sky alongside loved ones celebrating love.

Located in Stanhope, New Jersey *A Fall Activity Must Do*
Images via Waterloo Village

WoodsEdge Farm

This family farm is a secluded hidden gem located in countryside of Hunterdon County. This al fresco space is open and large enough to create the day of your dreams along with 700 other guests. It is quietly located within lush green pastures and wooded forests, making it the perfect backdrop for a rustic yet refined and stylish, and even sustainable, wedding. At WoodsEdge you can expect guests to spend your wedding day relaxing enjoying the scenery while celebration this special occasion.

Located in Stockton, New Jersey
Images via WoodsEdge Farm

For a complete list of NJ Farms perfect for fall fun, check out all the beautiful locations here !

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