I’m Loving…

Well October is coming to an end, Halloween is in a few days, and am already planning my Thanksgiving menu and Christmas decor. The holidays are officially in full swing! I finally got into the Halloween spirit last week with lots of black details, and I still can’t get enough of it. It’s even inspired my costume, that’s if I dress up…Lately I’ve been so inspired that I really can’t wait for the holidays. I am all about getting into the season by using apples in everything and getting totally cozy in preparation for my hibernation. I’m stocking up on recipes and DIY’s because I’m definitely going to need plenty to keep me occupied during the cold months indoors. As of now my Halloween plans include handing out candy to the adorably dressed kids. Are you partaking in Halloween festivities and dressing up or calling it a cozy night movie weekend in like me? While you decide, here’s a bit of inspiration I’m loving….I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events Press for Champagne and PSL painted pumpkins, how freakin’ pretty is this Halloween DIY!

These indigo marbled pumpkins are so rich and colorful!

In my eyes, all Halloween decorations should be sophisticated and bar carts should be spooky and covered in florals.

I’ve totally been drawn to black this Halloween, it was the inspiration for this year’s tablescape and my costume, if I dress up.

I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events Have you seen Rue de Seine’s 2017 collection. It’s PERFECTION!

Guys, an iridescent pastry server. Bring on the birthday cake!

Who doesn’t love a fortune cookie, and Maple and Love’s are just the prettiest party favors.

These gigantic paper flowers are stunning! This whole fairy tea party is just magic!

I’ve just discovered Shop Meri Meri, and I’m in love! They’ve got endless pretty party and baking supplies, including these rose gold foil straws that come in different metallic hues.

I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events The simple act of doing what YOU love can inspire others, even if it’s just paining this quote in colorful watercolors.

Everyday should be one to give back, but the holidays always seems to be the season for giving. Here are 10 food charities you can give to this fall that will help in endless ways to provide and improve food quality.

As someone who often feels more motivated to work standing up, most times while dancing, the DeskStand allows me to stand and work, while being something nice to look at too.

You’ll be sure to wow this holiday season with these lovely custom family portrait cards.

Something about the wrought iron, white shiplap, raw wood floors and concrete countertop in this kitchen corner has me totally in love.

I’m a stickler for covering outlets and wires, and hate when big machines or garbage cans outside the house can seen from the street. This is a genius modern, and super easy, solution to hiding all that unwanted bulk.

I’ve yet to buy pumpkin this year, might need to make these pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies the first recipe of the season.

There are really delicious apple pie variations I can’t wait to try, including this pistachio tart.

A few of my favorite bands have recently new music and I’m loving it all. Looking forward to going to see some of these shows come winter. Good music is always a great way to beat winter blues. Lately, I’m absolutely loving new OneRepublic! Their beats and lyrics always put me in a good mood…

There were two honorary mentions I had already planned to share with this post and still do. I’m in the works of kicking off a new musical series, but in the meantime take a listen to these… Michael Kiwanuka’s “One More Night” is funky and dancey, but still mellow. It’s the kind of song you want to just chill to, maybe slightly bob to the beat in your seat. Then there’s Hazel English’s “I’m Fine“, the total opposite, it’s got an 80’s keyboard like background, but it’s got that same upbeat mellowness that Kiwanuka’s song has. It’s the kind of song that makes me feel like dancing in a flower garden on a summer day, weird I know…

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