Instagram Inspired : Halloween

Happy Halloween! Did you get dressed up and go to a party this weekend or stay in and watch movies like I did? My plan for today is to bake cookies, while wearing a small black glittered top hat, because why not, and passing out candy to the adorably dressed kids. I also plan on eating these yummy and healthy{ish} dark chocolate peanut butter cups. You know because I don’t want to feel guilty on this candy overload holiday. Actually I’ve totally lost candy cravings, I know you must think I’m crazy, but I just can’t handle the processed sugar. Yet, I can’t stop eating these peanut buttercups, like everyday, and feel perfectly fine. I’m definitely planning on making more homemade candy recipes for the holidays, but let’s get back to today’s scary holiday.

Instagram has been rocking some pretty unique and fun costume ideas. You guys totally got into the spirit of the holiday and looked like you were having lots of fun. Martha Stewart, you absolutely killed it “no pun intended”….Have a spooky Halloween!

Images via {left to right, top to bottom} : @lhcalligraphy|@lhcalligraphy|@shopterrain|@coco.kelley|@silkandwillow|@sugarandcharm|@greenweddingshoes|@marthastewart48|@youandlu|@greenweddingshoes|@inspiredbythis|@greenweddingshoes

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