Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape

Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsI’m so excited to share this year’s Thanksgiving tablescape with you, finally! I was hoping to have this up last week, things got real busy in these parts, but that just means this week is going to filled with lots of pretty Thanksgiving and holiday entertaining inspiration! When I was first getting inspired for this tablescape, I wanted a look that was organic and sophisticated, yet casual enough that it could easily be styled with items already owned. Naturally I wanted to keep things white, light and soft, with the exception of a few pops of signature rich fall colors. And well, I can’t throw a party without a bit of gold…img_5036I’m keeping things on the extremely low cost of styling a holiday table, because I know you’re already shelling out the big bucks for the main attraction, the food! The holidays are definiltey the time to use the nicer stuff, but making family meals for a small or large group still costs money. Which is why when it comes to the holidays, and deciding a centerpiece and tablescape, I always look to items I already have for inspiration first. You’d be surprised the vases you’ve forgotten about or candle sticks that can be quickly painted into sophisticated pieces. With the exception of fresh flowers, candles and a few small, but cheap seasonal additions, styling a Thanksgiving table is the least stressful job you’ll have this month. Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsAside from the color palette, I envisioned my Thanksgiving table giving you the feeling of gratitude. With so much going on in the world, I’ve been feeling extremely thankful for my life, and grateful for those in it, so I wanted to somehow showcase that. Since I can’t get enough of white pumpkins, I clustered different size and colored gourds around the centerpiece, along with baby’s breath and fragrant eucalyptus. As guests see the tablescape, they’ll instantly be greeted with a pretty white pumpkin gilded with the word “Grateful.”Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving TablescapeOrganic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsOrganic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape

When styling your Thanksgiving centerpiece or tablescape, always keep your place setting in mind and how much space you will need for stemware, serving platters, dishes and beverages you’re planning on needing. This tablescape is simple enough for a casual Thanksgiving lunch as well a formal dinner by simply changing the setting. Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsIn Place Setting 101, I shared this casual setting, and later in the week will be sharing how to proper etiquette of semiformal and formal settings. I kept things easy, by only changing the napkin fold and place card. Formal settings require more utensils and stemware, so to make it a bit more casual and rustic, I wrapped the napkin with twine and a kraft tag I quickly stamped with “Give Thanks.”

And to make a semiformal setting a bit more fancy, I folded the napkin traditionally in half tied with a twine bow, baby’s breath sprig and calligraphy card asking guests to write down what they are thankful for. I mismatched white and cream plates from Target, along with rose gold flatware. I love that the metallic hue is already fancy, and the delicate vintage detail adds a classic touch but in a modern way.Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery Events

Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsI wanted the florals to have a natural foraged look. So often fall is overlooked as having beautiful seasonal flowers because nothing seems to be blooming, but walk outside and take a good look and you will find some of the prettiest foliage and branches to incorporate with store bought flowers, to create a centerpiece that totally gives you cozy autumn vibes.

I only bought the white roses and searched the garden for different herbs, branches, and dried stems. I love how it has a deepness to it, but in a soft and boho-like way. The centerpiece definitely pulled together the overall organic and simplistic feel of this Thanksgiving table.

To play up the softness of this table I incorporated a bit of texture by layering different linens with lace. I’ve been fortune to have a good amount of family heirloom linens and serving-ware pieces, and love showing it off during the holidays. Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsOrganic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery Events

Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsI loved how this table was simple, yet beautiful and special. No need to overdo it with elaborated decorations, after all Thanksgiving is about family, friends, love and celebrating being thankful for life together.

Organic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape | Dreamery EventsOrganic & Soft Metallic Thanksgiving TablescapeSo if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re probably giving yourself early stress, don’t! Relax, you’ve still got time, sit down and get your menu squared away. Then all you have to think about is the pretty details you’ll pair along with your delicious food. And although, Christmas is everywhere you go, let’s give the season of “Thanks” the attention is deserves.

Check back this week for more posts featuring different Place Setting How to’s, unexpected desserts, and lots of tips & tricks! 

Sources – Plates, Utensils + Wood Palette : Target|Pumpkins + Candlesticks : Michaels|Linens + Stemware : Family Heirlooms


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