6 Unique Pie Crusts to Impress Your Guests

Whether it’s apple, pumpkin or pecan, pie is the quintessential fall dessert especially for  Thanksgiving. But just because the flavors are classic flavors, doesn’t mean pies have to look the same every year. These days there are so many beautiful lattice pies and ones decorated with seasonal leaves all over the Internet. Lovely golden strips of pastry, cut into so many different shapes, crisscrossed and layered atop delicious fruit fillings. Some creations are almost too beautiful to eat! With Thanksgiving a week away I wanted share a few fun and unique crust embellishments to inspire your traditional holiday pie. Remember pie is never about perfection, it’s about a delicious flaky crust made to seal in slowly baked goodness. A little embellishment goes a long way, so get creative and have fun with these easy ways to take your Thanksgiving pies to the next level!

Lattice with a Twist

Instead of a classic crimped edge, use a pretty braid to seal your beautiful lattice work. Another simple way to switch up that lattice top is to make it look like plaid.  Use strips with varying thicknesses and change up how you weave each. It’s a subtle change, but it makes each pie unique.

via Dreamery | via Style Me Pretty

Say it with Words

6 Unique Pie Crusts to Impress Your Guests | Dreamery EventsWant to really impress with your pie skills, write out a word in a pretty font. Love or Grateful, would adorable, but it would be a perfect way to write Apple and let guests know each flavor. Print out a thick font and use it to cut your pie crust. This would really stand out on a pumpkin pie.

via Style Me Pretty

A Nod to the Season 

Autumn leaves on leaves on leaves on leaves. Cutting individual leaves does some time but it sure makes a beautiful statement. And how beautiful is this viney top?! It would be the perfect topper for an apple and grape pie!

via DreameryThe Kitchen McCabe


Blueberry + Lemon Mint PieThis is probably the pie topper design I use the most. It’s pretty quick to prep and assemble, and looks really pretty. Use varying sizes for a variation or make three dimensional.

via Dreamery

Polka Dots

Polka dots make pie fun. They are a fullproof way to great the perfect edge or cut out tiny  circles using a pastry tip to make a honeycomb pattern. It’s one of my faves.

via Dreamery | via Food Network

Combine Patterns

6 Unique Pie Crusts to Impress Your Guests | Dreamery EventsIf you’re feeling really creative, pair different pattens, like a classic lattice with some pretty leaves.

via The Pretty Blog

Happy pie baking!

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