Place Setting 101 : Semi Formal Table

Semi Formal Into .pngThanksgiving is exactly one week away! Yes, you heard me right, seven days from now we will be gathering with loved ones to celebrate the holiday of gratitude. While others excitedly anticipate the food and football, I’m looking forward to simply enjoying this special day with my family, and be thankful for them. Because man, 2016 has been rough on us all. So let’s continue our stress-free holiday planning with the final installment of our Place Setting 101 series. Place Setting 101 : Semi Formal Table | Dreamery EventsYou’ve got your menu scheduled, grocery lists made, centerpiece and decor in check, all that’s left to do now is await the big day of cooking, and uncork some wine when guests arrive. Yes, that is already a lot to take in and do, which is why setting the table is often overlooked. But it is everyone’s gathering place, no matter how formal or casual your Thanksgiving. Place Setting 101 : Semi Formal Table | Dreamery Events Personally a semi formal place setting is my go-to for holiday parties. It’s just a bit more special than a casual setting, and not as complicated as a formal one. Of course, unless you’re hosting the President or Queen, I’ll be the first to tell you that breaking certain place setting rules are totally allowed – place cards draped from a drinking glass or mismatched china, these are the unique touches that will make your holiday table stand out. Regardless, knowing this basic and versatile table setting is essential for anyone. Place Setting 101 : Semi Formal Table | Dreamery EventsA semi formal, or informal, setting includes : a dinner plate, a smaller salad plate {if using} placed atop, two forks on the left, a knife and spoon on the right, a wine and water glass above the knife and spoon, and a napkin. Not pictured, a dessert spoon above the plate with the handle facing the right side. Setting up dessert utensils saves you time when bringing out the sweet course, and you’re not scrambling to make sure everyone has something to eat their dessert with. Place Setting 101 : Semi Formal Table | Dreamery Events Ever wonder why drinking glasses are placed on the right side? Well, hundreds of years ago when place setting etiquette was established, the majority of the population was right-handed, so it stuck. Place Setting 101 : Semi Formal Table | Dreamery EventsIf you’re putting bread and butter on the table, it’s for everyone, so no need for individual bread and butter plates and knives. Let’s save some time and energy and not bother with washing more utensils than we need to!

Here’s a Tip…If you still can’t get using utensils from the ‘outside in’ method, picture the word “FORKS.” F for ‘forks’ is on the left, while K and S for ‘knife’ and ‘spoon,’ are on the right. And ALWAYS set your knife with the blade facing toward the plate.img_5138Place Setting 101 : Semi Formal Table | Dreamery Events

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