Holiday DIY Gift Round Up

Holiday DIY Gift Round Up | Dreamery EventsThe holiday season is definitely a special time of year. It’s a pretty, food and celebration-filled time when we spend extra time with family and friends. Aside from making my Thanksgiving week schedule and looking forward to spending the holiday with my family, my mind has been all about Christmas. I mean I have been watching Chrismtas movies for the last month already, and started making holiday gift lists way back in April. This year I’m all about planning ahead and doing things early, so that when days before the big celebrations approach, I have the time to fully enjoy them with loved ones without worrying about all the holiday things that can often be left last minute…

Although magical, it’s also a hectic time of the year too, and the pressures of gift giving can get overwhelming, especially when things add up and before you know it, you’re over budget. The best way to be nice to your wallet and extra thoughtful when gift giving, is to get creative and make some gifts yourself! For a few years now, I’ve loved making certain holiday gifts for loved ones, whether a small trinket box to pair with a new sweater or foodie gift basket, I love taking the time, especially during this extra hectic season, to focus on making something especially for someone.

I’m actually looking forward to cozying up on a cold day, having myself a holiday movie marathon per norm, and making all these gifts. Yes, they’re all that easy you can make them in a few hours. These days it’s fairly easy to get inspired to make meaningful and unique gifts yourself. Here are a few of my favorite handmade holiday gift ideas to help your holiday season start stress-free…

Decoupage Tile Coasters

Handmade Holiday: Decoupage Tile CoastersThese super easy decoupaged tile coasters are one of the easiest, inexpensive and personal gifts you can make for someone, especially the men! Oh, did I mention useful, because preventing ring marks from our furniture is always necessary. It started with a sports theme, then did it with pressed flowers. It’s become quite a popular DIY that this year I’ve had friends and family order some for themselves to gift others.

A Tray

Holiday DIY Gift Round Up | Dreamery EventsFor the entertainers and home decor lovers, a tray is always needed. Whether to neatly coral decor pieces on a coffee table or place bottles on a bar cart, a tray is always have a use in a home. Keep it simple and something you know matches you’re gift receiver will love and work in any home or style. All this lovely DIY requires is paint, a few silver pen strokes to create pretty flowers and mod-podge.

Moroccan Inspired Baskets

Handmade Holiday: Moroccan Inspired BasketsLast winter my holiday gift theme was Moroccan. I did a wedding blanket that is still by far my favorite, and I did these fun baskets. They’re perfect for any one of your girlfriends, or to organize holiday supplies. Don’t you just love how it looks filled with silver tinsel garland?? These baskets are fun gifts for a little girl or new baby’s room too!

Moroccan Inspired Wedding Blanket

How To: Moroccan Inspired Wedding Blanket | Dreamery EventsMoroccan blankets and decor is all the range, and for good reason. Pieces inspired by these cultural items are just beautiful. Last Christmas I took on one of my favorite, and somewhat elaborate DIY’s for my newly married cousins’ gift. This how to is quite simple, it just takes some time to get all the appliqué positioning just right. As a tip, since holiday items have just been stocked, you’ll have a better chance of finding just the right base blanket than later in the month closer to the season. This is lovely for a recently engaged or married couple, or best friend.

Trinket Boxes

Handmade Holiday: TrHandmade Holiday: Trinket Containers | Dreamery Events inket ContainersEvery year I like to create a gift that is small and sweet enough that it can be duplicated each in a unique way. Illume candles are my favorite for holiday scents, and for their perfect little tins. Each candle’s wrapping were just so pretty, that all these needed were a new label. Gift it empty, with pretty matches, or a piece of jewelry!

Natural Bath Salts & Lip Scrubs

Holiday DIY Gift Round Up | Dreamery EventsMy other go-to handmade gift for women, pretty and natural bath salts. Even if you don’t take baths, these making a shower feel luxurious just sprinkled onto the floor. It’s quick to put together and make unique by using different essential oil scents.  ***Lip Scrubs

Painted & Filled Mugs

Handmade Holiday: Metallic Quote Mugs | Dreamery Events What gift can you not go wrong with, a custom mug! You either drink coffee or tea or water, so it’s always needed. Or even fill it with pens or makeup brushes. I love using mugs to fill with smaller gifts. Mostly edible like cookies and chocolate, a small bag of coffee or something to pair with their morning brew.

Holiday DIY Gift Round Up | Dreamery EventsCookies & Coffee Mug Gift|Quote Mug|Chalk Painted Travel Mug

The Foodie or Host with the Most

Holiday DIY Gift Round Up | Dreamery EventsI find gifting a food enthusiast or entertainer is the easiest. Some good wine, a candle, and a kitchen tool that is useful and cool. There are so many lovely pieces for home entertaining these days that it’s hard to go wrong, and when holiday hosts are busy putting together the perfect holiday get-togethers keep their next morning in mind. A great gift is something they can easily eat in the morning without working any harder than they already have, a nice banana bread, granola or fresh jam and bread. Come to think of it, this gift really works for anyone from your parents to your boss!

 Custom Quote Painting

Now if you’re not a painter or think of yourself creative, then you can opt for a store bought version. In the last few months, I’ve gotten a few orders for custom quotes paintings, and they’re my favorite to gift a new baby. This year, I expanded my holiday products to include custom quote paintings. I love these cute and inspiring quotes for a growing baby boy and girl, makes it perfect to gift new parents.

Get ready for a DIY a Day, I’ve already got a list of gifts to start making next week and share with you! Handmade gifts are not only budget friendly, there probably some of the most thoughtful, and personal gifts to give. With a little time, you can make a beautiful gift that comes from the heart. So this season, don’t stress, instead, grab a cup of cocoa, put on some holiday music or movies, and start crafting some holiday magic…. 

If you’re local or interested in ordering one of these custom handmade holiday gifts for yourself, shoot me over an email at I’ll be happy to send you some unique holiday gifts! 

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