Christmas Moodboard : Rustic & Modern Cozy Vibes

Christmas Moodboard : Rustic & Modern Cozy Vibes | Dreamery EventsHow was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was spent in loving company, with good food and   memories. These last few years my family has celebrated Thanksgiving in different homes, and the change of location has been somewhat nice. This year we had a little more extra space to get comfortably eat and get cozy, then play taboo before getting distracted and watching three David Blaine specials in a row. Mostly so half of us could convince the other older gents that magic is real. Talk about a Netflix and chill weekend, because I totally took a social media break this weekend and it was great! I watched Gilmore Girls, or should I say road a six hour emotional roller coaster, while decorated our home with pretty and festive Christmas decor. I lit winter scented candles, watched holiday movies and prepped for the weeks ahead, which included creating inspirition for this year’s holiday look. Of course I don’t get completely new holiday decor each year, but I always seem to switch things up by decorating items on shelves differently, or changing the direction of ribbon on the tree, and I never do the same tablescape.

I’m definitely feeling earthy rustic vibes like last year, but this year I want them to feel even more cozier, like you’re getting a hug everything time you’re home. I envision comfy warm knits, faux fur, subtle red and white plaid, and natural wood elements. I’ve been stocking up on trees slices for a special party next year, so I’ll definitely be using plenty of these on place settings.Christmas Moodboard : Rustic & Modern Cozy Vibes | Dreamery EventsThis year I want something that is cozy but modern, rustic and European, yes that’s a mouthful of a description for Christmas decor. And it’s all about winter foliage this year, I mean when is it not. Natural wreaths everywhere, but let’s make them even more festive with mistletoe instead. I seriously wish I could drape fresh garland everywhere but I can see how that can be a pain to clean up and not the best in the kitchen, but isn’t it just beautiful. I mean how dreamy does it look with twinkling lights wrapped around a bed? Christmas Moodboard : Rustic & Modern Cozy Vibes | Dreamery EventsI’m thinking of using a white shutter door from my party inventory to showcase holiday cards, draped in what else but fragrant greenery. Lots of twinkling lights and comforting scents complete any holiday look.

But I literally have had to force myself from not pinning anymore holiday images because my Christmas board is getting a bit out of hand, but I just can’t stop from pinning all the beautiful holiday inspiration I’ve seen….Christmas Moodboard : Rustic & Modern Cozy Vibes | Dreamery EventsChristmas Moodboard : Rustic & Modern Cozy Vibes | Dreamery Events


|Image Sources : Tree Slice Cocktail Trays|Foliage Covered Chandelier|Green Garland draped on Bed|Gingerbread Cookies over kitchen sink-Source Unknown|Foliage Drape White Mantel|White Tree & Plaid Pillows|Winter Foliage & Pinecone Table Setting|Mistletoe Wreath|Old Fashioned Christmas|Rustic Fireplace|Mini Wreaths|Modern Rustic Mini Tree Fireplace|Giant JOY Wreath|Rustic Doors with Wreaths|Ornament Bowl with Herbs|Burlap Wrapped Tree|Twinkling Light & Reindeer Domes|Pomegranates & Eucalyptus|Hallways Draped in Twinkling Garland|Pine & Red Plaid Tablescape|Fire Wood & Fairy Lights|Beautiful Foliage Draped Staircase|Flat Leaf Eucalyptus Table Runner|Pine, White Plaid & Wood Tablescape|Pine Bouquet|Magnolia Garland|Wreath on Indoor Windows|Wreath & Joy Chalkboard Sign|Wreath & Boots|Noel|

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